Friday Thoughts and Running for Clarity

Normally I am full of ideas on what to write and while I have a few in my head I am just lacking clarity and don't know where to start so I just want to write some thoughts and today get back to why I began this blog; to write what was on my mind...

This past week has been a little crazy and stressful all around. I know I haven't said much about the surgery I had last week but while I am feeling better I am still without answers, so we wait more. Could be another week before the doctor has things back to discuss. I do have some answers to explain things that have been happening over the past few years and did find out that my hemoglobin is low and after looking at other labs, likely iron deficiency anemia, thanks to Tracy for her consult, got to love having sports minded physician friends J. I began on iron and hope to see a difference in the next month or so.

Since Friday we have also been dealing with a sick puppy. Every time I think about bringing him in he gets better for a day or two but then is sick again. After a call with the vet I spent Monday boiling hamburger and rice, yuck! He’s lucky I love him enough to do things that truly disgust me. Fingers crossed now that we are back on real food he is finally better.

It truly is amazing how kids can sense stress and react despite not truly knowing. I Over the past couple weeks O has been in prime form lately with hitting and yelling! It is tough when kids can't use words (or have the words) to express their frustrations and react in a less than ideal way. I have tried it all and am open to more suggestions. I keep hearing 3 ½ to 4 is the tough age and this is “normal” What has worked for other parents? We have tried it all: time outs, taking away toys/rewards, rewarding good behavior, ignoring the hitting, removing her from the situation, talking, etc.
Yes, that is pink hair!
In order to deal with this stress I run, I bet you’re not surprised! Twice this week I ran with my moms running group and have even gotten in a great morning run to think and run some intervals. I got the best compliment yesterday when someone pointed out “my runner legs” J Matt and I decided to take a “relaxing” Saturday to de-stress tomorrow. While many would laugh at our relaxing plans this sounds perfect: start the morning with a long run 16-20 miles then we’re going to bike to a couple local wineries to do some wine tasting. Yes, an active relaxing day J Does this sound relaxing to you or are we just crazy?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, Any fun plans? Fingers crossed for a healthy dog and good answers soon. My big plans today include spin class and finding new music for my iPod.


  1. Sorry to hear about your stressful week! That sounds like a great day you have planned in my book! Have a good weekend.

  2. That does sound stressful. All three of the pugs have had upset tummies this week, and I'll be making some rice and pumpkin for them if they are still refusing their kibble over the next few hours.

    Three and a half-four are tough months for kids. They are all about pushing the envelope and testing the boundaries. On the one hand, it's great to see their minds in action, but as parents, it's frustrating. I hope she gives you a break.

    Your weekend sounds fun! We are taking it easy this weekend. Some shopping, some golf, maybe a bridge run, some football. That kind of thing.

  3. Sorry you've had a rough week Jen! Your weekend sounds great and like just what you need! Hope the pup gets better too! And yes that age is a tough one with kids. Hang in there!

  4. I hope that you have a great weekend - I love your idea of a relaxing weekend (especially the wine tours and tastings!).

  5. Your relaxing plans sound perfect! You'll totally deserve some wine tasting after your long run and your busy week - enjoy!

  6. a relaxing weekend sounds like just the ticket you need. Kids can be tough on just be consistent with punishments and she will grow out of it sooner than you know it.

  7. Sorry it's been such a stressful week Jen! Your weekend sounds like a good one - enjoy it!

  8. Sorry to hear that things are so stressful right now. Your relaxing day sounds more like a stress reliever day and probably what you both need!
    I hope you are able to get some answers soon.
    Medical stuff can be so frustrating.
    As for the kidd-o stuff, man...
    My son will be 15 in a month. From pregnancy on, people are always saying, "Oh, this is a tough stage!"
    Are you kidding me?
    They are ALL tough stages!
    Tough stages surrounded by sweet times that make us not pack them up and sell them to villagers in some remote country!
    Not that this is helpful, but what you did yesterday probably won't work today.
    It is probably the anti-consistency parenting way of doing things, but with my son...
    I had to constantly adapt. (Still do)
    Time out? Yeah, right!
    Rewards? Ha!
    Those little buggers are smart!
    Honestly, I have always talked to him as though he were mostly grown. I may have adapted it to his particular age, but I didn't go with any reasoning or cutsie stuff...
    It didn't work!
    I have a great kid! He has always been amazing!
    But he has never been easy. Ride it out, keep doing what your doing, even if that means changing it up to keep her wondering what comes next.
    It is a stage. She needs to find words and use them.
    Eventually she is going to run into another little one that will most certainly hit her back and man...
    There's no crying then!
    You have to find the Mommy version of 'you reap what you sow' on that one.
    She will grow out of it. Stay tough!

  9. I'm a big fan of the long weekend runs too (although not quite that long!). It really is a good way to take your mind off of the world. I feel like on those runs, I go out, and two hours later I come back a different person, as if it is a different day.

  10. Your destressing Saturday sounds perfect. Enjoy every mile!

  11. I wouldn't wish age 3 to 4 on my worst enemy. Hang in there.

  12. Sorry you are having a stressful week! My youngest has struggled with having a bad temper in the past. When she would throw fits, we would have her sit on our lap and wrap our arms around her. Then we taught her to take deep breaths and count to 10. We would take deep breaths with her also. I really feel like us taking the deep breaths with her really helped her to calm down. Hope that helps!! Sounds like you are a great mama! Hang in there!!

  13. Your plans sound like the perfect way to spend a saturday. Very relaxing!

    I'm sorry to hear things are stressful. I hope all are better soon and life gets back to normal-ish :)

  14. Biking and wine tasting sound awesome - did you enjoy it? ps my son is 2 so I have no advice yet!


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