Five for Friday

1) I think I have a new favorite snack! Have you tried these?  Amazing! And just the right amount of sweet/salty mix.

2) Look what she did last weekend! She has been asking for quite some time and I kept saying once you are 4 so we did it. But wow, what happened to the days of $10 ear piercing? I would have never been able to afford all 8 holes I have pierced in my ears at $55 a time!

3) Last weekend of course brought more cold weather and sub 0 temperatures with icy roads meaning I got the joy of running 20 miles on the treadmill! I will say being at the gym was much more interesting than running at home on the treadmill. People watching kept me going. That, music and 2 episodes of GRSSK, yes I am 35 and that is what gets me through long treadmill runs! Maybe I am reliving my sorority days! 
ABC Family

4) Even though it may seem I’m organized and a planner those around me know much different! I don’t even follow a marathon training plan. My running friend has been researching Hanson Method and thinks we should use it to train for fall marathon. This whole strict plan my push me over the edge but I’ve heard such great things. Anyone followed Hanson? Thoughts?

5) Look at this! 30 degrees already! Guess who will be out running in shorts with a big smile on her face?! Even better 40s by Sunday! Come on Spring!


  1. Ooh... thanks for posting about the coconut chips. I've never heard of them but will definitely look for them the next time I'm at Trader Joe's. I love coconut but have just been getting by with coconut water :)

  2. Those coconut chips sound great! I love it how we all have been freezing for so long that as soon as it gets above 30 we all start running in shorts! I ran in shorts this week and the temp was around 35 but it felt like a heat wave!

  3. I love that we are so excited for 30 degrees! It's been too long of a winter!!!

  4. I am obsessed with those coconut chips... and I LOVE Greek!!!

  5. It costs $55 to pierce ears now! Wow, I can't get over that. I ran in 30 degree weather today and it was fabulous!

  6. Whoa - $55??? I'm glad my daughter hasn't got the earring bug yet. Yikes! I couldn't imagine 20 miles on the TM although silly TV that I wouldn't otherwise watch helps pass the time!

  7. Spring sure can't get here fast enough. Now what is the Hanson training plan? I'm so confused - there are so many plans out there who knows WHAT to follow! Good luck on your marathon.

  8. Hi Jen. How are you? I'm very curious abou the Hanson Method. I'd love to know what you think.

  9. Yes! I've had those coconut chips - they're really yummy with freeze dried strawberries. :) 20 on the treadmill, you are my hero!


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