Race Season Begins

Remember last year when I kept signing up for all these races and then the weather stayed horrible? Well after that I vowed to avoid cold weather racing so signed up for nothing early this year until yesterday's race, an 8K which kicked off my team's racing season. When I registered about 1 1/2 weeks ago the forecast said 40s and sun, well that quickly changed come race day when I lined up in 20 (wind chill of 12)! It was cold and an afternoon race what a nasty combination!

I lined up just hoping to beat my time from 2 years ago, knowing the cold air would not make this easy. It was a fine line between lining up too close to the front and too far back since team times are gun times. And we were off...

I decided just run what felt good and take it easy since I have bigger things coming and can't risk an injury in the cold this early in the season (2 years ago this was the race that likely pushed me over to full injury and ended me running for 4 weeks!). Too beat last time I needed to keep pace 7:32 or faster; pretty easy in nice weather. Mile 1 not so bad, but the lungs are cold. Past the start and I hear O cheering. Mile 2 bring on the hills. Miles 3 more hills, but this means downhill soon. Mile 4 and the wheezing begins, yes I was that runner! Mile 5 downhill finish leg feels great until I push the downhill, bummer guess I back off! Finish 37:32 (5 sec PR!) 7:32 pace. Not speedy for me but I made my goal! Back inside to warm up.

I am so over the weather! The lungs are not happy and I that this is what held me back. The best part of the race was the leg felt great, well until I rolled after but that pain was to be expected as my glute is tight! Oh and for those wondering about my long run last week...I ended up being able to go in to work late Thursday and ran outside that morning, perfect solution.


  1. Congrats on the PR!!! Hope the weather warms up for you soon!

  2. Bummer on the weather, but sounds like a good race otherwise! Hopefully Spring arrives one day...


  3. WOW! thats great. Your post is an inspiration to me to start running. But am a bit shy to run in public. Can you please gimme any tips on this.

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  4. Congrats on your 5 second pr! I hate running in freezing cold- I probably would have wimped out. :) Hope spring makes it's way there soon!


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