Rethinking my running life

4 years ago when I was about to run my first race after giving birth to O I was feeling great, injury free and ready to take on the racing world, running through my pregnancy I relearned how to listen to my body and back off when it wasn't happy (something I had long forgotten), I also regained my love for running and began to enjoy the run for the run not the end result again. By the time she was 8 months old I was pulling out PRs every time I lined up, I was thrilled. I felt great, I was running great and I had my best cheering section out there.
Half marathon PR race! 2010

Then 2012 hit and it all went away, I was back to my old methods of over training and pushing through pain. That year I barely made it to start line at Boston due to what started as a calf injury and later turned into a stress fracture. From there I'd stop long enough to heal but then I'd quickly be back, the pain would return a little so I'd change my gait and keep running. This brought on the hamstring injury! Which I continued to train through with short periods off until a year ago when I got smart!

Last Spring I said enough! I was mad, my times were not great, I left every race frustrated and I was ready to be done! Why was I running? So I listened and my trainer changed up my routine with extreme focus on glute and core strength (more than previously), I started working with a sports chiro, began rolling like a crazy woman and started fish oil. This seemed to help, the times started coming back down and I felt better.

Just a little glute/hip rehab
I'm back again rethinking where I am, even with a decrease in miles and running days, continuing with my sports chiro for soft tissue work and acupuncture, cross training, eating right, strength training and trying to take time off I'm still not where I want to be! I know this winter was tough (still is tough!) as we spent much of it below 0 and covered in snow. I did learn my body doesn't handle the uneven ground of winter running, so I suffered through many long, tedious treadmill runs. But what else? I know with warmer weather my running love will began to return. I have Boston in just over 3 weeks and there are days when I question my abilities. So here I go about to head out on my last long run before I taper and I wonder what it will bring, the pain is no long there but I sometimes feel hat my running ability left with it!

I know we all go through this as runners, What did you do to push out of the funk? Regain the ability you had? I'm thinking of trying something new, maybe Cross Fit or gasp swimming!

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  1. I think you have to do what you love and what makes you happy. I have been frustrated by setbacks. Every time I start to get ahead and make progress on my speed and strength, something happens. However, I love running. I love races. So I will continue. I may be slow and I may be inconsistent, but I'm doing the things I love. I will reassess if my health becomes a factor, but for now, I'm comfortable with where I am. I hope you find something that you love just as much.

  2. I'm sorry you are going through this. Very frustrating:( I think better weather will do wonders for your feelings about running. Hang in there:)

  3. I've been wanting to try acupuncture - hard to find around here.
    I keep hearing so much about Cross Fit - but that's all about strength training so you could do that many ways.
    Its so hard not to get on the "MUST BE THE BEST" ... we're wired like that.

  4. I would definitely just say do what makes you happy. Figuring out what that is, and not just what you think will make you happy or what should make you happy, can be hard but definitely worth it. For me, trying new things definitely helps me figure out what I really love and keeps me out of fitness ruts.

  5. I think this whole winter has thrown everyone into a funk, questioning everything. I'm hoping that the weather will turn around asap and along with it my mood. Till then, do what makes you happy. Maybe trying something else will make you see that running is really your true love?

  6. I STILL struggle with my stubborn hamstring, but taking a 6 month running break really re-energized me and got me back to loving running. Not the easiest thing in the world to do - I was dying to get out and run - but it really helped my body heal. These days I mostly do shorter runs and I enjoy that so much more. Maybe play with distances and try new trails/courses?

  7. I've been trying to focus on things besides speed. I was just getting speedier when I hurt myself and I set myself way back. Two years later, I'm still slower than I was. I've made a conscious decision to train carefully and accept that the speed may never be what it was.

  8. I have the same injury! Thanks for sharing!'

    Just visiting your blog! Coming from Fitness Friday.

    Come-by my blog and say HI!

  9. Been there and all too recently and the winter didn't (and still isn't) help. Training for a 50 miler and then being injured 6 weeks before the race almost made me give up running all together.

    I backed off running and totally focused on strength training and yoga. For the first time in years running was not my primary fitness focus. It's taking time but it's working. I love running again and my confidence is returning too.

  10. I am currently struggling with a funk too. I have been recovering from a stress fracture for the past 5 weeks and have one more week until I can run again. I am completely reevaluating my running and fitness - and my abilities! I'm hopeful that once I start running again, my brain will become more confident as my body regains its strength.

  11. I get it, Jen. And I think a complete change could be a really good thing! And then maybe you'll come back around and want to race and train hard again. Or maybe you won't! And either way is okay.


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