Back to reality after a great vacation at Sandos

Like I said on Monday I was gone on vacation last week in warm, sunny Mexico. One of my requirements for living in the frozen tundra is a week of warm vacation every winter. After my adventures in Costa Rica in 2013 I have been cautious of foreign resort travel and opted for a cruise last winter since I knew Royal Caribbean could easily accommodate gluten free. Anyone with celiac (or a food allergy) knows it can be really tough to travel. We pack a suitcase of food looking like we are traveling to a place without stores, kitchens or food of any kind!

Last spring I began researching gluten free resorts and was thrilled to see the list is growing and reviews are good on most. We came across a resort I had never heard of and it seemed perfect…Sandos Caracol EcoResort in Playa Del Carmen. A resort striving to be eco friendly, living with animals on site, growing food on site and more.

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Before we left I was in contact with the resort and they quickly sent me all their menus and told me to obtain and letter to show the buffet restaurants when I arrived. Simple process and I was given a “tour” of safe food at each buffet and it was plenty!

Beyond the food we loved it…sun and warmth. Swimming in the cenote, playing on the beach, hiking on the trails past the Mayan ruins, ocean kayaking and more. O loved the kid’s water park and this was perfect so we could relax and let her just play. On site the resort had cats, dogs, donkeys, birds, deer and more. Such a fun learning experience for O. The only complaint (out of the resorts control) was the massive amounts of smokers!
Cenote Swimming

Now on to planning 2016 vacation…Have you been anywhere great lately?


  1. Looks like a fantastic vacation!! We camping at various places around the summer. So camping is our vacation. We would like to take a trip to Nampa, ID this summer, but we don't know if we will be able to afford it.

  2. Great blog post. We've been looking at this resort because of the super family friendly vibe and we want to go on a vacation that really caters to our five year old. However her and I both have celiac and so I wonder if there are enough choices for a five year olds palette which can be satisfied by the gluten free offerings at this resort. Were the chips gluten free as well? I know some resort make them from flour tortilla and being such a basic found throughout the resort I wouldn't want to have to to restrict her from eating them.


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