Happy Birthday O!

5 years ago my world changed as my stubborn, independent girl decided to make her appearance (on her own time 8 days late!)! She calmly entered the world, no tears at first but that soon ended. The energy started and has yet to calm!

O despite your stubborn and independent personality and the struggles we have it is all worth it at the end of the day. Your strong will (like your mother) will only prove to benefit you in the future. I wish you could share some of your high energy with me some days! I love your hugs and cuddles and how caring you are. Always making sure others are okay and happy. 

Pink and Purple are your favorite colors and you love playing with Legos, American Girl Doll, anything Frozen and games. You are always seeking out knowledge and love the outdoors and animals, traveling has taught you so much. Your favorite sports are gymnastics (and your tiny size is perfect), dance, soccer, swimming and running (we will run a 5K together this year!). Your career ambitions vary and you may end up scooping ice cream and saving mommy and daddy lots of $ or if we get our way you'll pick one of your career ambitions requiring college. Today those goals are being a chef, bone doctor or delivering babies.

You are my sidekick in the kitchen and know all the tools and tips, I can't wait to let you loose one day and see what meal you make. Your favorite foods are sushi, hummus and PB toast!

Happy Birthday O! I can't wait to see what the next year: kindergarten, our travel adventures (Disney Land and ?) bring, how much more you improve in your activities and the friends you are growing with.


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