Weekly Goals and I Finished A Triathlon!

This week things are a little different, it is my last week before marathon training starts so no real plans or goals other than to start P90X (Day 1 done!) and increase longest run to 6-7 miles. My main focus is nutrition this week after the holidays of treats and wine! Instead I’m sharing my accomplishment last week…

I finished a triathlon!
Okay so it was an indoor tri but still this nonswimmer got herself in the pool! It was actually kind of fun (after the swim was over).

10 Minute Swim= 325meters, I’m not a fast swimmer and somehow this short duration knocks me out! I know I need to do it more but just can’t seem to convince myself to get in the pool.

Quick 10 minutes to change into dry clothes and grab my bike shoes, a little water and get the bike adjusted (the worst part of indoor tris is not having your own bike).

30 Minute Bike= 9.8miles (19.6 mph!). Looks like my months of injury have helped the bike!

Quick 5 minutes to change shoes and get to the treadmill, a few leg stretches and we were off running.

20 Minute Run= 2.86miles (6:59 pace)! I was thrilled! It looks like the 6 weeks off and strength have benefited my speed. Now to focus on keeping this speed with longer runs. Luckily I had a good view of the woman running ahead of me and wanted to keep my pace faster, yes I’m slightly competitive.

I actually had fun and am considering a real outdoor triathlon again!

What are your goals this week? Any advice for a swim hater for a triathlon?


  1. Congrats Jen!!! That's the thing that scares me about tri's...the swimming part!

  2. Congratulations, that is very cool! I have always wanted to try one of those, well an outdoor version.. maybe one day. I have a sister who does them and she's pretty hard core, but I really admire those who do them.
    For me running is easy, those long swims are just tiring and super impressive for those who can do them. Who knows, maybe you'll end up loving the swim:) Good luck!

  3. Congrats on doing so well with the tri! I haven't attempted one yet, but I would love to. I love to swim and bike along with the running. Way to go!


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