5 for Friday: Food, Fitness, Life!

Happy Friday! Okay really my Saturday since my weekend is today and tomorrow and working on Sunday. Somehow on my only day to sleep in I was wide awake at 5am (which sadly is sleeping in!). Guess it was time to start the day and get my workout in! Another crazy week here and some fun decisions and made. Here are five things happening in my world this week...

Like I mentioned earlier I am now on Day 5 of Whole30 (okay my modified version with oats and quinoa added and some almond butter). I'm loving it! Seriously just taking the time to think more about the food I eat and what it actually is has been great. Now just to convince Matt to join me on this venture.
A few of my Whole30 eats
Winter is Back!
Tuesday brought us back to the reality of MN winter with a not so fun 2 hour commute thanks to snow. So much for my nice clean roads and easy outdoor long runs. Of well I knew it couldn't last all winter. Can't complain too much when temps of 30s or predicted for tomorrow on.

Grad School
I submitted my form for graduation! This is getting real! Less than 2 semesters until I am done forever and everyone can call me doctor (just kidding, I hate formalities!). My thesis is taking shape despite my data collection being pushed back a little but we have a plan and it will work. July can not come soon enough...summer and no more grad school!

So I'm changing my ways and have only signed up for one (okay 2 if you count the Color Run I'm doing with O) race so far in 215. Last year by this time I'd run 4 races! Instead I just decided to go out of my character and register for a 2016 race, yikes! So early in fact that I can't even find hotels or flights yet! I have no patience and hate waiting once things are in my sight! Couldn't pass up a great deal and Matt and I signed up for 2016 Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon! Super excited for a weekend away (in nearly 13 months!) of warm weather and running! Who's run it? Talk to me about the race and New Orleans.

Fitness Equipment
I need to add to my home gym and need advice. When I bought my treadmill they had a deal through my work so I got a $300 gift card for the store, yay! I plan to add to my weights but am not sure what else. We already have: Bosu, Stability Ball, Yoga Mat, Power Tower, Resistance Bands and lots of rollers! What else should I add? 

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? Me, I'm running a nice "short" long run of 10 miles tomorrow then watching friends jump into a frozen lack! Yes, people do that for fun and to raise $ here! Linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday


  1. I would go for some body bars to add to your collection.

  2. I haven't registered yet, but I have RnR New Olreans on my list! Justin and I just discussed it last weekend. I will be one of my for sure destination races in 2016.

    1. Do it Missy! Are you thinking half or full?


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