Fitness Friday! Accepting the changes

My race calendar is finally expanding! After forgetting to register for the lottery for Grandma's Half, oops I am on the search for a few other halfs to run this summer. I also registered for my 4th Ragnar! This will be my 3rd year as an ambassador for the race and after taking last year off due to injury I'm excited to be back! Now to figure out a fun team name, I am so uncreative! Have you run a relay?

Maybe I'll make this the summer of not racing every week! Can I do it? A year ago I would have said no but now I say yes! I used to race very frequently and for awhile this was okay, I knocked out PRs near;y every time I hit the finish line but that quickly changed. As anyone who's followed me knows I've spent the majority of the past 3 years injured and have been forced to take two 6 week periods off this past year.

Since my last injury, I slowly got back to running in December and built my mileage at a rate that frustrated me but I knew I needed. I have yet to even hit 40 miles per week this training session (maybe this week) when my usual was 60-65! This is a huge change and I was skeptical but with all the cross training I get how it can work. The true answer will come once I start racing again. Right now I love it. It took me awhile to adapt physically to the speedwork again and mentally to the lack of running but I'm getting there. 

Have you changed up your training plan in a big way and gotten great results? 

The winner of Nicole's Naturals Prize Pack was Rachel S. (I have emailed you) 

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