Marathon Monday: Week 4

Week 3 has come and gone and was actually my best week so far despite doing the wrong interval training (oops!). The week was crazy with O’s birthday, work and school. The weather has turned cooler again but still not unbearable and we remain quite snow free!

Monday: P90X Back/Chest and 3 mile easy run with Cooper (45 degrees this afternoon I couldn’t resist!)
Tuesday: Intervals: 10 min easy, 3x1600 at 6:45 pace, 10 min easy (This was tough!)
Wednesday: P90X Legs/Back/Core and 30 min kickboxing
Thursday: Tempo Run: 1 mile easy 7 miles 7:30 pace 1 mile easy Total 10.0 miles (had to finish watching the show I found on Netflix)
Friday: P90X Core Synergistics
Saturday: 45 min kickboxing AM and Yoga after work
Sunday: Long Run: 14.25 miles in 2:01:19 (ran 14 and walked .25 as cool down)
First run on my new treadmill!

Now that the birthday festivities are complete I think my weeks will calm slightly. Week 4 is also my first cutback week and I’m also starting a modified Whole 30 today, yikes. After looking things over I like the concept but with my already limited food options I need to keep in a few “cheat” foods such as quinoa, oats and almond milk (all organic).

Monday: P90X Shoulders/Chest/Triceps/Abs
Tuesday: Intervals: 10 min easy, 6x800 at 6:30 pace, 10 min easy (Should have been last week’s)
Wednesday: P90X Back/Biceps/Abs and 30 min kickboxing
Thursday: Tempo Run: 1 mile easy 5 miles 7:15 pace 1 mile easy and yoga
Friday: P90X Legs/Back/Abs and Kickboxing or Bike
Saturday: Long Run: 10 miles
Sunday: Yoga and maybe a swim after work

So my non running goal list took a back seat to birthday prep considering I burnt an entire batch of cupcakes and had to start over! Luckily the GF/Vegan carrot cake was fine and the coconut frosting was amazing!

Happy Birthday!

How was your last week? Best Workout? Goals for this week? Share what your plans are and link up with any running/training related post.


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