Marathon Weekly & Winter is Back

Finally back up and able to post after a week of computer issues! I need this to keep track of my training! This also means week 5 has come and gone and despite my best plans the late day runs and winter weather are not working in my favor. The return of winter has meant all indoor running again, yuck!

Monday: P90X Shoulders/Chest/Triceps/Abs
Tuesday: No energy to run so P90X Back/Biceps/Abs instead
Wednesday: Intervals: 9.5 miles with ½ mile repeats
Thursday: Tempo Run: 1 mile easy 5 miles 7:20 pace 1 mile easy
Friday: P90X Legs/Back/Abs and Kickboxing
Saturday: Long Run: 14.5 miles 2:03:00
Sunday: 5 mile easy run and yoga

Week 6 means only 10 weeks to go and I’m still hoping this will be my race, my comeback and time to PR! My main goal for this week is to get back to morning workouts (which already didn’t happen this morning) and keep my weekend eating in check. What are your goals this week?

Monday: AM kickboxing Didn’t happen! and PM P90X Shoulders/Chest/Triceps/Abs
Tuesday: Intervals: 1 mile w/u 5x1200 at 6:635 pace 1 mile c/d
Wednesday: P90X Legs/Back/Abs before a long workday
Thursday: Tempo Run: 1 mile easy 7 miles 7:30 pace 1 mile easy
Friday: P90X Biceps/Back/Abs and Kickboxing
Saturday: Long Run: 16 miles
Sunday: Yoga

What was your best workout last week? Have a great week!


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