Recovering and Enjoying it!

This week has focused on recovery, enjoying my days, sleeping in, spending time with O and Matt and focusing on some big changes ahead. I finish grad school in 2 ½ months. O starts kindergarten in 4 months…

The best part of running an easy marathon is the aftermath. Monday my legs were sore, especially after sitting through a 90 minute meeting! But by Tuesday I was fine, ready for an easy run with a group of new runners, even ran an easy 10 miles on Saturday! Lots of yoga this past week too. And got to 
volunteer at a water stop for our local half marathon!

Then I got to spend the day with O getting her dance trophy. Such a little math girl, she sent the ride home figuring out how old she’ll be when she gets the big trophies!

Back to focus on strength and super excited to start Body Beast today! I love P90X and X3 but breaking up with Tony for the next few months and trying something new.

Monday: BB Chest/Tris and Core
Tuesday: BB Legs and 4-6 mile run
Wednesday: BB Back/Biceps and core
Thursday: 4-6 mile run and BB Shoulders
Friday: BB Total Body and Abs
Saturday: Run and yoga, O’s Dance Recital!
Sunday: 8 mile run and BB Chest/Tris

This week I meet with the sports doctor to address what we need to do to fully fix my hamstring, part of me is looking forward to this and part of me is scared at what he will say. So everything may change but I’m ready for a plan and moving forward!

I hope a the moms had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!  What are your goals this week?


  1. I hope you enjoy Body Beast. I did P90X and P90X2. I used some body beast workouts to supplement from time to time although now am so into tri training that I don't have that many days for strength in season. This is a race taper week for me!


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