The marathon is happening!

May is here and I’m ready for this month which means longer days, running weather and a break from school! May is packed with lots: dance recital, gymnastics show, marathons, etc and only leads to summer!

On Wednesday I talked with my PT again and he is fine with me running the marathon based on the past couple weeks! I don’t hurt after I run and during it is only a slight tightness for about 10 minutes. I can’t push my pace at all but I can run!

Pre-Marathon Today I will be relaxing with acupuncture and a little yoga to get my legs ready. Plus my focus has been anti-inflammatory foods. Then I need to prep for our drive tomorrow and pre-race meals in a hotel room. And the fun part figuring out what to wear!

Marathon Goals Based on  his recommendations and my goals for this year I am not racing, no PRs, probably not even a BQ but that’s okay I am running and I will have fun. Plus the forecast is low 80s so not great weather for someone who trained in highs of 20 the majority of the training cycle. I’m even considering not wearing my watch and throwing on some music. Any song suggestions? Now the hardest part for me will be not racing, letting go of time and just enjoying the run. I am super competitive (in case yo hadn’t figured that out!) and push myself.

Eau Claire Marathon

Post-Marathon I am all set to meet with the doctor at the clinic with the PT to address more aggressive plans and get me a good treatment option so I am back 100% for the fall and beyond. This may include stem cell or PRP injections, yikes! But after 2 years of this I’m okay with that.

And Beyond...After marathon recovery I will have about 6 weeks to focus on PT exercises, fully recovering and getting rid of this hamstring issue forever! Lots of core and strength, focusing on nutrition and actually enjoying a month of no grad school! Although I will still be working on my thesis and getting everything wrapped up by July 24th!!

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?  Linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday


  1. As I am recovering from a brain surgery, all I can do is pretty much sit around and check how everyone is doing. Wow! You got some serious preparation going on there. Success with the marathon!

  2. Have fun! Run because you love it and you will have a blast! My latest favorite runnning song is Shut Up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon!

  3. Good luck on your marathon! Hope you have a smooth recovery with PT after that.

  4. So happy for you Jen! Run for the pure enjoyment of running :)


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