Here we go, ready or not! Marathon training is back!

Last week I received clearance to run and started with the intervals after 4 weeks off, so happy for no more elliptical since it was causing new issues. We had a fun but busy weekend, the joy of summer! Parade, birthday parties, bonfire, fireworks and bike rides compete with late nights and not enough sleep for O.
Even Cooper enjoyed the parade!
Monday: BB Legs and 3 mile walk with Cooper
Tuesday: BB Back and run/walk (5 miles 54:00)
Wednesday: BB Arms/Core and P90X Kenpo
Thursday: Run/walk 3.2 miles (35:00) and BB Shoulders
Friday:  Yoga and walk
Saturday: BB Chest and T25 Cardio
Sunday: BB Legs and run/walk 6.5 (1:02) O finished the last ½ mile with me the 7 mile bike with family
One step closer to her own bike without training wheels!

Today officially marks the start to marathon training and another internal debate. Will I be ready or do I not run it? Find another marathon to give me more time? I’m tired of running marathons I’ve only partially trained for, I know if things keep going like they are now I should be able to train well about ½ the training cycle but is 8 weeks enough to build my speed back? I’m going to start training and see how it goes, treat it like I plan to run a marathon…

Monday: BB Legs/Back and 3 mile walk with Cooper
Tuesday: Run 5 mile run 6-7 min and walk 3-4 min
Wednesday: BB Arms/Core and T25 Cardio
Thursday: P90X+ Kenpo and BB Shoulders
Friday:  Run/walk 5 miles and BB Chest
Saturday: Yoga if time, otherwise rest
Sunday: BB Back and run/walk/elliptical 90 min

What are your goals this week? Is anyone else starting marathon training?

The Giveaway has ended and the winners are…Katrina, Nikki and Ken. I will be contacting you soon


  1. woohoo yay for training! My goal for this week is just adding more cardio to my workout.

  2. My goal for the week is to get through a 7 mile long run!

    I'm in training for a half, but my marathon days are over, I do believe. I just don't have the urge to take on another one. Ever.

    You're doing great!

  3. Training for a marathon is definitely work. I'm currently training for marathon #5 (NYC Marathon), and this will be my last full for awhile anyway). Half marathons will be what the theme is after NY. :)

    My goals this week are to keep up my training for the marathon. Lots of folks are training or beginning their training this month!


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