Marathon Training After Injury

Marathon training after an injury can be both scary and exciting at the same time, the what ifs are awful. Will things go great? Will the injury come back? How much can I push myself? I’ve been on this injury/training roller coaster for the past two years and I want to be done, I want a smooth road ahead!

Here are my tips to get through a success come back marathon training

  • Accept that I probably won’t PR! I had originally this fall would be my big goal marathon but now rethinking my plans and may just aim for a BQ instead. But first we see what the next 16 weeks brings.
  • Listen to my body! This is huge and something I (and most runners/athletes forget). We think we just need to push through, running hurts right?! Pain in the hamstring = stop!
  • Start slow and build slow. Don’t expect to be where I left off preinjury. I need to learn my new comfort zone and work with this for now until I can progress.
  • Fix the underlying problem. Now that the injury is gone the goal is for it to stay that way. Did it come from overtraining, bad shoes, muscle imbalances, poor gait? Mine is muscle imbalance and gait.
  • Don’t revert to old habits! Fix my gait and stick with it, don’t get lazy and go back to how I used to run. I need to understand that 5-6 running days and 60-70 miles per week don’t work for me.
  • Don’t forget the other stuff! Now that running is back in my life I can’t slack on strength training, PT exercises and cross training.
  • Have fun!

3 days from now I will start training for marathon 28! I have rewritten my plan hundreds of times over the past week trying to decide what’s best and I’m sure will change it even more as I start.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. What are your plans?

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  1. I am slowly returning to my training after brain surgery and we have to show lots of self-love to overcome the obstacles.
    Wishing you tons of success with your training!

  2. Marathon #28! That is so inspirational! I wish you a safe and fulfilling season of training.

  3. Wow, you have done a lot. I hope you make all your goals!

  4. Great tips! I'm taking my husband on his first run after his gall bladder surgery :)

  5. It's always fun to kickoff a new training cycle. You're set up for come back success!


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