I'm not a walker!

I’m not a walker, at least not today! There is nothing wrong with walking, I mean I love it! Taking O or Cooper out on a nice day or walking to grab a few things from the store. I love it when that is my intention. But as a rehabbing runner being called a walker sucks!
I’m sure some of bitterness is from the fact that the past couple weeks have been crazy and mixed in with that is that marathon training started and I’m limited. Don’t get me wrong I am happy that I have progressed like I have. 17 days ago I was cleared to run 5 mins and increase, well I’m up to 7 mins of running and it is pain free! Don’t get me wrong this is huge but I’m ready for more. I head back on Wednesday for a re-evaluation and further clearance.

Tuesday I was out for a run/walk after a long, crazy work day when I needed to clear my mind and find clarity for a few things. Any runner knows this clarity only comes through a great run. Here I am out running, feeling good but watching my watch for those required walk breaks and here comes a group of “pole people” (seriously what do you call them? Those who roller ski with poles). I’m now walking and hear from ahead of me “walker up” uh no I’m a runner! I think I’m still bitter over the previous week when I was once again walking and the group came towards me who was far to the right and I was informed to “watch out there are a group of skiers coming” What? Where would they like me to go, into the trees?! You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine and life is good.

Sorry for the rant, Anything bothering you lately? Now back to preparing my grad presentation and disappearing into my hole until spin class. 17 days until presentation and 4 weeks until graduation! Please understand I may be sporadic in posting the next few weeks.

And on a less bitter note, O and I won a Mommy and Me picture session so I had to share a picture

Linking up for Fitness Friday. Any fun weekend plans?  


  1. Love the mommy and me photo. :) finding you from fitness friday! Our plans include the farmers market and a trip to the park.

    1. Sounds like a fun weekend, thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Glad your recovery is coming along nicely! Thankfully your time as a "walker" is only temporary!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Yay for a mommy and me photo shoot :)

    Keep up your patient recovery! I am recovering after having our second baby and am currently a run-walk interval-er. I kind of feel your pain in the walking/recovering world! I'm trying to take it easy but walking (when you want to run) can sure be frustrating.
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

  4. Good luck with your presentation! Congrats on your graduation! What type of degree are you graduating with?

  5. Great mommy and me photos Jen. Good luck with your presentation. Yay for being cleared to run.


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