Injury Update...

4 weeks ago I got the news I already knew…no running! Over the past year I have been forced to take off 4 months of running, not good for me! I’m done with forced time off, I want to be smart and run well.

Yesterday I met with the doctor again and he’s happy with my progress! I’ve gone from barely being able to move to using weight for exercises. I couldn’t walk pain free now I’m pain free 99% of the time! He cleared me to start more aggressive PT and they had a cancellation for yesterday so I grabbed it. My strength has gone from 2/5 to 4/5!

With all this I have been cleared to run! Well only 5 minutes at a time but it is something. So I can do run/walk (elliptical) intervals to mimic the same running I’d normally do. I can slowly increase run time as long as I have no pain. They both think I should be fully running and strong in 2-3 weeks! The nitroglycerin worked!

I will continue the nitro and have about 1 hour PT exercises daily. I have to roll twice on days I do cardio and once other days. Looks like marathon training (in a modified form) will start Monday!

So guess what I did? Of course I ran! 52:00 and 5 miles 5 minutes running/5 minutes walking intervals. It was 92 degrees and felt wonderful! I think I was smiling the entire time!


  1. That is awesome, glad to hear you are healing so fast and back to 5 minute intervals! It will come back fast, when I had to slowly start running after my work injury I was only allowed to run 50-100 meters at a time per day, it was a slow build up, but it was worth it to go slow to be able to get back into it. Hope you continue to heal wonderfully and can run more and more in the coming weeks!


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