Marathon Weekly...what's ahead?

The chaos of summer is in full swing, O started soccer last week and I am in the midst of peak trauma season at work. I’m exhausted! Twice this past week I have been in bed at 8pm! I’m remembering why marathon training in the summer is such a tough thing but we are doing it or at least some mild attempt! Last week actually wasn’t bad considering. I’m increasing my running but still doubtful of being able to train as hard as I’d like. I’m keeping up with PT exercises almost daily.

Monday: 4 mile run/walk with Cooper and Beast Chest
Tuesday: Run 6 mile run 7 min and walk 3 min and Beast Back
Wednesday: 12 unexpected hours at work!
Thursday: Run 6.5 miles 7and 3
Friday:  Spin class and Beast Arms
Saturday: 12 miles!! 8 and 2 run/walk in 1:53 then 1 mile walk with O
Sunday: Another long work day, but did Beast Shoulders

This marks Week 3 in this thing called marathon training, I also have a half marathon this weekend. The only one I’m registered for this year! What a change from the past.  My goals this week are: Roll daily, PT exercises daily, go to bed by 9pm nightly.  Wish me luck, PT and sports dr follow up on Wednesday and likely a gait analysis, ugh!

Monday: Bike and Beast Chest
Tuesday: Run 7 miles run at 8 and 2 and Beast Back
Wednesday: T25 and Beast Arms
Thursday: Run 6 miles 9 and 1
Friday:  Spin class and Beast Shoulders
Saturday: Half marathon! My plan is run 1 mile walk 1-2 min.
Sunday: Yoga

Have a great week. What are your goals? Any fun plans? Here's a cute picture just because!


  1. Hello! I found your blog through KatiesFitScript while looking for a running/Body Beast hybrid training program. She posted a comment you made about running and P90X3 actually, so I was surprised when I visited your blog and you're doing Body Beast. I'm training for my 2nd Marathon (Space Coast Marathon on Nov 29) and Tough Mudder on Nov 7th so I thought that adding Body Beast would help me with Tough Mudder & my running. I was just wondering how you like Body Beast with your training. I see that you've been injured recently too. It also looks like you're incorporating other Beachbody programs (I'm a Coach and have several programs). I'm just having a hard time finding a hybrid schedule for marathon training and Body Beast and not knowledgeable enough to make up one on my own, but if I don't find one, I might have to figure one out myself. Sorry for the long comment. I was just hoping to get some feedback and help as a newbie marathoner and insane person for signing up for Tough Mudder just a few weeks before.


    1. Oopps! I meant RuntotheFinish instead of KatiesFitScript

  2. Did you find that Body Beast helped your marathon running?


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