Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11 Random Things

I was tagged by Laura at Mommy Run Fast and Laura at Faith, Family, Love, Joy for the 11 random things post. After all my negative posts lately I thought I'd play along and post 11 fun facts and answer the questions posted by Laura (FFLJ).

1. I started dancing when I was 3 years old until college. Many years of recitals, competitions and costumes.

2. I have a huge collection of Little Mermaid stuff. It is now packed away but for years when I lived at home I had everything displayed in my room

3. Until about 10 years ago I hated running! After college I decided to run a charity marathon and was hooked.

4. I had a job in college as a research assistant where I travelled to local tattoo shops and observed. What a fun experience and I got published out of the deal. I since have gotten 2 tattoos and am planning my third this spring.

5. I could live on sweet potatoes, cereal, pumpkin and coffee.

6. I have a terrible sweet tooth, but can't eat chocolate.

7. I hate mushrooms and brussel sprouts! and haven't eaten red meat in probably 20 years (or any meat in 3 years). Early pregnancy made any meat awful so I figured why not just stop and I haven't missed it.

8. My favorite singer is Prince. I knew Boston 2011 was going to be a good race when the first song played on the bus to Hopkinton was "Let's Go Crazy"

9. I hate feet! I always wear socks, even in summer I put socks on as soon as I get home.

10. I was a tomboy/girly girl growing up. I was in a pageant as a child and refused to wear a dress instead wearing sweats and a t-shirt to the interview, I was 6 years old and already not letting anyone tell me what to do.

11. I am a self proclaimed wine snob. We are members of 4 wine clubs and have a collection of wine at home. I could drink red wine nightly (or a white in the summer).

The Questions I was asked by Laura Faith, Family, Love, Joy
Best thing that happened this weekend? Dinner with friends on Saturday, I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.

What is the last book you read and would you recommend it? I've basically been in school all my life, honestly I haven't read a fun book in years! The last book I read not for school was for my daughter: Potty Time Elmo

What is something you want to try? Running related: Ultra marathon (looking at a 50K in July). Nonrunning: This summer I was to successfully grow vegetables and also start composting, long term I'd love to write a cookbook.

Are you crafty? No, I've started scrapbooks that are unfinished, can't sew and have no artistic ability.

What is something that annoys you? Is it bad that I am having a tough time narrowing down to just one thing? Right now I think the biggest has to be bad dog owners who think they can let their dog run free and chase after me when I'm out running, Put your dog on a leash on public paths!

What’s for dinner tonight? It was a weird night since I was at the gym recruiting for our run club during dinner so I had raisin bread with sun butter, cutie and root veggie chips

If you are on Pinterest, how do you come up with your board names? {Straight to the point or creative?} I love Pinterest! I use it mainly for food and kid things. All my boards are pretty straight forward.

What is the last movie you watched {home or theater} and would you recommend it? Bridesmaids, sure it was funny.

What is your typical order when you go to a coffee shop? Soy latte

Last song you listened to? The last thing I remember from my drive home was Loser by Beck. There is a new local radio station that plays a mix of 90s alternative and recent alternative a pop, strange combination but I think I like it.

Are you happy at this moment? Sure, right now I am relaxing after a busy day. Overall I am in a good place (working to get where I want to be) and have a great husband and daughter.

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  1. It's fun learning more about you! We grew some veggies and were composting at our old house, but haven't figured it all out in Tx yet. I'm not crafty either, I also have unfinished scrapbooks floating around!