Things you don't see in February

I've said it many times but this winter is the strangest I have ever experienced but I love it. Today while running I saw all of the following which I don't think I have ever seen before in February...
  • Rollerbladers
  • Kids playing on the playground
  • Motorcycles and convertibles on the road
  • Pole people: you know those people with the combo ski/rollerblades who "ski" on dry land with poles. (No idea what it is actually called so a few years ago I gave them this name)
  • Kids skateboarding in short sleeves
  • People BBQing, not so unusual since we do it year round, but I don't think I have smelled so much BBQ on a run in the winter
  • Park police and plenty others out on road bikes
  • Me running in anything other then a hat, mittens, heavy jaccket and tights. I'm sure the capris with knee high compression socks was very cute!
The best part is that this weather is supposed to continue! I can handle this, just hoping we don't get dumped on in March. I got home to Matt grilling, like I said not unusual for us. After dinner I am conflicted: I have nto eaten red meat for 20 years and any meat (expect fish) for almost 3 years. I've gotten many questions from people regarding how I will raise my daughter and I keep saying she can decide what she wants to eat, but today she was thrilled with Matt's steak. I'm a little conflicted over this; I want her to try all foods and have a varied diet, but I don't know if I like that she wants to eats meat. Oh well, I guess I stick with my original thoughts and let her decide.


  1. Wow, how nice to have such a warm winter for a change! I almost wore compression socks and capris this weekend too, but it was a little too warm for that. :)
    It's tough letting kids decide-- so far L isn't a big meat eater, but she does like chicken... parenting is all about learning to let go, huh?!

  2. This is my first Minnesota winter and it's been easier than any Chicago winter. The only thing that makes me sad is I know we won't be as lucky next winter when I am no longer pregnant and wanting to run much more than I am this winter.

  3. So true Laura, so much of parenting is about letting go!

    Thid winter has been so strange, I'm scared of what's coming next year too!


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