Weekend Ups and Downs

Poor kiddo is sick, worse then I have ever seen in her in her short 2 years. It started a few days ago with a slight runny nose, but nothing I would even call a cold. She seemed fine on Saturday morning, even going to the gym and spending time climbing and playing. This all changed in the afternoon when she woke from her nap. She was shivering and shaking, crying, coughing and having some breathing trouble even sounding a little stridorous and croupy. She had a fever of 102.1, so much for the birthday party we were about to go to, instead she got herself a trip to urgent care, the breathing was making me nervous.

Our pediatrician urgent care closed at noon so our only option was a family practice clinic only open 1 more hour. This was an experience I hope to never repeat and reinforced every reason I have for a pediatrician instead of a family practice doctor (not all are clueless, some are great). By the time we were seen the Tylenol was kicking in so her fever was down to 100.8 and her breathing slightly improved so we were basically asked why we were there. The doctor tried looking in her ears and throat but lacked the skills to work with 2 year olds especially this one who is great with doctors. He agreed her lungs sounded bad, but wanted a better look in her ears so insisted the nurse irrigate them. This did not go well and didn't work to clean her ears, so in the end I was cuddling a crying girl with painful ears who was once again not breathing so well and her ears were still waxy! All this and the doctor tells me it doesn't matter because he is prescribing antibiotics anyways for her lungs (bronchitis). Why did he insist on something so pointless and painful?! I made sure he was giving us something to cover strep too and didn't even worry about a culture.

Poor little girl :(
The experience continued to get worse when I got to the pharmacy (15 minutes before closing) only to learn that it would not be covered by insurance because the dose was so weird and not the formulary resulting in needing two bottles. I tried calling the clinic only to be told by the rude lady on the phone that no one was there and to call another number that she didn't have. 5 minutes later she somehow found the doctor, in the mean time the pharmacist was fixing the order and filling the correct prescription (just waiting for the official okay) which in the end cost $200 less then the incorrect one.

This morning I was even more worried and almost skipped my morning run to stay home with a wheezy girl. Somehow luckily Tylenol, ibuprofen and antibiotics and watching Happy Feet with daddy resulted in an excited greeting when I got home from a happier girl who even ran to me. The day was filled with ups and downs, now just hoping the ups continue to increase.

Sunday morning I stuck with my plans of meeting a group to run at 7am, hoping for 20 miles but knowing I'd quit as soon as my leg was too painful. We were waiting for others (who never showed) so did 1 mile warm up on the treadmills, which ended up being the toughest part of the run. Once leg warmed up I felt fine 90% of the run, uphills were still sore. The run was still tough and a little slower then planned. We ran mainly an out and back with the out into the wind of 20+ mph sustained, yikes! The way back provided a wonderful and much needed tailwind and push. I think I headed this injury off with some stretching, massage and a few days rest :) Fingers crossed it stays away!


  1. So sorry to hear about your little one! Hopefully she feels better soon!

    Nice running, too! :)

  2. Oh, no- what a rough weekend for you two! Hope she's back to herself soon. And I'm glad to hear a little rest was helpful for you, too... I was hoping to make it to 20, but twisted my ankle on my run, so frustrating!

  3. Thanks, I think she is finally feeling better :)


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