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On Monday I got an email from one of the trainers and triathlon coach at the gym where I work as the run coordinator asking if I wanted to join him and few others for 11 miles on Sunday, he was "only inviting fast, serious runners". Wow, what a compliment and truly needed on the day after such a tough long run. I debated with myself all week whether or not to go since I don't normally like to get myself in new situation where I don't really know people. My contact with him had been a short conversation one morning before a run at the gym and a couple emails. As the weekend got closer at Saturday was bitter cold with negative wind chills I decided Sunday would be a better day for the 20 mile run on my schedule, so why not run part of it with others. Sunday morning ended up being colder then forcasted so he pushed the run back until the afternoon and I once again debated going.

Ducks swimming in open water in February!
After a morning of coffee, quick grocery shopping and making lentil enchilada bake to have ready for dinner I decided to head out early to get in some miles before meeting the group. I was hoping to get in 9 first so I could finish with the group, but I of course couldn't get out of the house quick enough. I hate getting dressed for winter running! I was able to get in an easy 6.5 miles on hilly paths alone as a warm up for the anticipated marathon pace 11 miles.
Loving the lack of snow! Usually these paths are completely convered all winter.

I met up with the other five runners and we headed out on a hilly course running 8:00 mile pace with some pick ups thrown in. I was feeling great, I had forgotten how nice it is to run with others who will push you especially when you think the run will be tough. Even better I got to meet five other runners who live close by. They are all mainly triathletes and were making it a point to convince me to sign up for a tri this summer. I've been considering it again, but I must get myself back in the pool first! I finished up one of my best long runs of this training with an easy 2 miles on my own to total 20.5 in 2:52:03, not too bad considering I start out feeling pretty sluggish. I work my compression socks for the first time while running instead of just afterwards and think they helped. My question: they were great in 30F but doesn't it get warm wearing knee high socks running in the summer?

New favorite socks!

I returned home to my little girl waiting for me. She asked if I was chilly and immediately headed over to turn the fireplace on. I enjoyed a very large piece of the leftover tiramisu I made for last night's dinner while relaxing on the couch by the fire. This is my favorite dessert and the one I'm willing to splurge on, I did make it a little healthier although with some of the chemical of sugar free foods that I try to avoid so still only an occasional treat.

Tiramisu: Low fat/Low Sugar
1 box sugar free vanilla pudding
8oz low fat cream cheese or 12 oz plain Greek yogurt
2 cups nondairy milk
2 tsp vanilla
24 or so lady finger cookies (can sub vanilla wafers)
1 cup espresso
1/4-1/2 cup dark rum

Mix pudding, milk, cream cheese/yogurt, vanilla with mixer on high. Depending of desired consistency may need to add more milk or water to thin. Layer half cookies in dish and cover with enough espresso/run mix to moisten but not too soggy. top with half pudding mix. Repeat with second layer. Top with unsweetened cocoa powder. Chill at least 2 hours.

Today during the run we were discussing the foods that you could overdo and you just can't give up. Mine would have to be cereal, tiramisu, and red wine (I know not really food).


  1. What a great run! I love how running with other people can make the miles tick by so much faster. Sounds like a much needed confidence boost, and a yummy dessert too!

  2. I found your blog from piccolo pine cone's blog. Just curious where you are in Minnesota? We moved here over the summer from Chicago and I'm looking for running friends. I've been pregnant as long as we've lived here so no chance to meet people running this year but am due in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to getting back at it.

  3. Thanks Laura :)

    Angela- Welcome to Minnesota and congrats n your pregnancy :) I live in a Minneapolis suburb contact me marathonmom28@gmail.com


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