More then a mental thing

After yesterday's failed attempt at a 10 mile tempo it looks like the calf/shin pain/tightness is more then just something messing with my head. Almost 3 years since my last injury and I thought I was doing good, but I guess I was wrong. Now I sit here wondering what I did? Should I have stepped back when I started feeling this? How much time do I wait to run again? What's the best cross training until I can run? Do I need to work more on flexibility? This one I can answer...Yes!

I wish I knew the answers and what was ahead, but I don't, no one does. This is where I fight with myself to give up some control over my training and focus elsewhere when running seems like the thing I need to be doing. Right now I am 52 days from Boston, so plenty of time to recover and catch back up with training. I've been out 6 weeks, only being able to get back to running 5 weeks before a marathon and managed to run a decent time.

Right now my plan is a few days off, focus on core strength, biking and elliptical, stretching, massage and ibuprofen. I hope to get in an easy run this weekend, fingers crossed this is just a tight muscle and nothing worse. I have a problem with thinking the worst, I guess with a history of 3 stress fractures and tendon problems I've experienced the worst with what I thought could have been simple aches. This time will be different, I will be fine...positive thinking, right?!

Time to step away from dr. google, although I think I now sgree with my self-diagnosis of compartment syndrome (actually now more likely deep posterior chronic exertional compartment syndrome). And the answer is stretching, rest, ice, and massage.


  1. Good luck with your injury...hopefully it heals quickly!

  2. Oh, no!! Hope a little rest does the trick! I had a stress fracture this summer and feel like I read into every little ache and pain... so I totally know where you're coming from. Here's to pain free running for us both! :)

  3. That is so frustrating to get injured when you are focused on a fitness goal. I am like you...I analyze everything and rely heavily on Dr. Google.

    Take good care of yourself. Hope you are up and running soon!

    (came over from the blog hop)


  4. I'm another patient of Dr. Google. Hope you're back to running soon!

  5. THe good news, yesterday an easy 4.5 miles felt fine. Now the real test: a long run today! Hopefully I won't be complaining again tomorrow.

  6. Hopefully everything is okay, but yes, still lots of,time before Boston!


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