Training frustrations

Once again due to working this weekend I was stuck with an afternoon long run. After last weekend's miserable 18 miler I was hoping for a better 15+ miles today, not the case. I thought I was preparing well, ate an early lunch at work and then got home a quick snack of an English muffin with cashew butter while I read the Sunday paper and relaxed for a little trying to convince myself to run. You know things aren't going to be wonderful when it takes a debate to get moving.

I finally made it out of the house 1/2 hour later then I wanted. Armed with an iPod loaded with 2 weeks worth of primary care lectures I started my run. Let me tell you this was not a great idea when I already lacked motivation. Learning how to diagnose and treat anemia, fatigue and skin disorders is not great running music! Why did I think this was a good idea? Next time I'll stick to Prince and my 90s music.

I considered heading home after 4 miles, my stomach never felt great and the cold I've been fighting the last few days was kicking my butt. Then I started feeling a second (actually first) wind and decided to keep going. Too bad that only last a few miles. I guess I can be happy about the unleashed dog that ran at me, giving me that extra boost to go another mile. No idea what is up, but this is the third time in a week that I have been chased by an off leash dog in the park reserve with the oblivious owner ignoring all the "dogs must be on leash" signs! Ugh! I finally made it home 15.1 miles later and still didn't feel too good.

10 weeks until Boston and my long runs are awful, I know there are ups and downs in training but this is making me happy. Things started so well and I was even considering aiming for a 3:15, now who knows! I know I can blame a lot of this run on being sick, running in the afternoon and being tired. Time to push it behind me and focus on the next and how I can learn from this runt.

Questions for other runners: how do you deal with a bad training streak? how do you get through bad runs and refocus?

I promise I will stop complaining and focus on the fact that in 10 weeks I will be back in Boston celebrating my 10th anniversary with my husband, running my second Boston and being just a few weeks from graduating with a second graduate degree.


  1. Ugh, my run wasn't great on Sat either... it's so hard not be beat yourself up for it. Sounds like running in the afternoon may be a piece of it, and maybe you're feeling burnt out? Are you aiming for a certain pace on those runs? When I feel like that, i try to give myself a break and run it as slow as I need to, hoping the next time will be better. Hang in there! What are you studying for? Also, I tagged you for 11 things, but no need to do it if you don't want to. :)

  2. actually it sounds like your training is going great... here's why... with long runs what really matters is that you get the miles in. of course it is more fun when a long run feels amazing but the fact that you are getting in the miles while feeling like crap is almost better training in the sense that you are training your mind, no small component of marathon training. seriously, pat yourself on the back for getting in the miles when it is so mentally tough. sounds like it is all going according to plan.

  3. Laura- I was hoping for a marathon pace run, but decided for just an easy run instead.

    PPC- Good point about the mental training, I think we forget how much a marathon and then training takes out of us mentally as well.


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