Biking, running and cooking, what more do you need?

What a great day, minus the bitter cold outside. Winter has returned for a couple days to remind me why I hate it so much! Needless to say there was no outside workouts for me.

I love my mornings and always get up early to have time to myself whether this is to read the paper, play on the computer, workout or just drink coffee. This morning I was up at 5am even though I didn't need to leave the house until 8. I got in a nice 45 minute bike ride on the trainer while I finished listening to the course lectures that I started on Sunday. I have a tough time running this early in the morning so this is my time to make myself get on the bike.

After a short meeting and some grocery shopping I was home to stay for the day. I took advantage of naptime to get in an easy 8 mile run and some core work. I don't know what I will do when naps end, since she finally started napping at 10 months I have loved this time on my days home to workout and start preparing dinner. Today I did both.

Today was also a crazy kitchen day, one thing let to another because of leftover ingredients. Tonight's dinner will be stir fry with miso soup so I decided to make some veggie/tofu dumplings. I made a batch of these but still had 3/4 of the wonton wrappers left so I thawed some pumpkin puree to make pumpkin ravioli but when I got done running pumpkin bread sounded good and I knew there would be leftover. So a loaf of bread went in the oven while I worked on the ravioli. And I still have wonton wrappers left, what will be next?! Can you tell I am now addicted to Pinterest? It has saved me from my food rut. I like using it to find ideas and then adapt my own recipes.

I love double workout days! Such a good way to wake up in the morning and start the day and the second workout does wonders for the afternoon slump.


  1. Love that you're linking up with Fitness Friday, yay! Wow, you had a seriously productive day, way to go! I wish I had a treadmill to run at nap time, but I'm making it work without. I hear you on the nap time drop, hopefully we've got at least another year?? :)

  2. Your day sounds great! I'm up at 4:00 for coffee, computer and workout. It's my only me time that rarely gets interrupted.

    I love double workout days. Workout in the a.m.a and run in the p.m. My idea of a fabulous day!

    Oh and Pinterest? The best thing ever for recipes to try/tweak and keep organized.

    Thanks for linking up with FF!!

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  3. I love double workout days too. I had one this past week as well. :)

  4. Double workout's been so long....

    Hopefully you'll have a normal child who naps until about the age of 3 or 4. All 4 of mine quit napping right around 2 yrs old...such a drag :( But the upside is they would go to be super early and then I'd have the whole evening :)

    Now I just have to wait until they ALL go to bed to get my run in, and that can be pretty late...and sometimes I am really tired. too much fun.

  5. Laura- The treadmill at home saved my sanity many times since becoming a mother :)

    XLMIC- I hope I get 2 more years of naps!

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