Du @ the Dam: What not to do before a race

Today I learned the consequenses of racing on a hot, humd day after staying up 2 hours and 2 glasses of wine past my bedtime. This is typically my only duathlon each year and after the increased biking I was hoping for better results this year, but thanks to a couple good friends, conversation and wine I wasn't in the best racing form this morning. Not only was the sleep lacking but the heat was tough and really, why a 9am start in the end of June?!
Monkey girl while mommy and daddy race

Run 1: 3.3 miles
The men start in heat 1 and women in heat 2 3 minutes later so I always make it my goal to pass as many men as I can. This year it 25 men with Matt being the 18th one I passed. This course is set as a 3 mile run, but anyone who has done a race with this organization knows that things are never as planned. Finally about 1 mile in I am feeling awake and no longer considering finding a tree to curl up under for a nap. I was feeling so tired that I decided against the warm up run and instead took my run as it came. Good news the leg felt great, the time not so great 24:13

Trying Run 1 without a hat
T1: 0:49
Not bad but need to work on my ability to drink on the bike to avoid the need to stand in transition and drink.

Bike: 14.25 miles
I have been complaining about my shifting forever, I have a basic road bike and need to upgrade. Well today I spent the first few miles dealing with clunking shifting until I finally made it through all the gears and things popped back into place. But for awhile I was limited to a couple gears. The course is pretty flat but tough: a lot of sharp turns, bumpy road, riding over a dam and up/down curbs. Matt passed me a couple miles in on his new P3 and I kept riding near iPod guy, seriously an iPod while biking is bad enough but during a race! I once again survived riding over the river which I hate. Depsite all the extra biking this year I managed a 49:50, not what I was hoping, but I did pass a few people! I need to become a stronger cyclist, any suggestions? I do spin weekly and try to get on the bike another couple days a week.

T2: 0:48

Matt coming into the finish with a high 5!
Run 2: 3.4 miles
I forgot how tough this was, tired legs are heavy. I was happy to look down at mile 1 and see I was running a 8:05 pace. I am a much stronger runner and managed to pass another 5 or 6 people including Matt at mile 2. Finally down the hill and around the corner to the finish as the sun is beating down and I am roasting, why did I wear such thick socks my feet are burning! 25:49 yep I was tired. Overall 1:41:18 and 3rd place AG finish and 14th OA.

My medal!

Now I need to work on my bike, I feel that I could be a strong mult-sport athlete if I was better on the bike, maybe I need to get those aerobars on that have been sitting on the shelf of the past 5 years. Time to overcome my fear caused by a couple crashes one which resulted in a broken wrist. That and more speedwork!


  1. Nice work! A couple drinks with the girls is worth it:)

    1. Thanks :) Spending time with good friends is always worth a little less sleep and not so wonderful race.

  2. Congrats on your race- 3rd place ag is awesome! I am not very strong on the bike, so I have no advice- but your time sounds great to me!

    1. Thanks :) I think biking is just so much different then running and takes different training to excel at.

  3. Biking after running is hard! I think it is much harder than running after biking.
    I am not an expert but I am decently strong on the bike so here are my thoughts. Aerobars (although it might not be the best idea ever for this course with its turns, bumps, iPod riders etc) or better bike will surely help but you should develop an engine before you can take a full benefit of a bike upgrade. Train for a bike like you do for running - speedwork, tempos, long rides. One-two hours of spinning and some easy riding won't cut it if you want to get faster. You probably do not have a bike-specific strength yet.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I know I don't have bike strength. I have been trying to do more speed, hills, etc on the bike and know I need to keep adding more.


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