Vactioning at home

We had originally planned a short family vacation, but after being so busy lately and being gone so much I thought it would be better to stay home and have fun doing things that we never have time for. I hate when trying to enjoy a vacation only leads to more stress, so why not avoid this stress and vacation at home?

Summer here is packed with community festivals and parades, as a past princess for my hometown I know many of these very well. Thursday was the end of school and my hometown parade. O is finally catching on the the concept of candy throwing, but I think the pom-pom from the football team and political stickers were the highlight. (I did my best in monitoring her choice of political advertising!). The school was handing out books, so much better then candy.

Beads and a pom-pom, what more do you need?
Parade #2 in our neighborhood. and another late night! I learned that she hates clowns just like I do when they tried to stop and she responded with "go away NOW clowns!" Lots more candy and some food handed out (Freeze pops, cotton candy and sandwiches). Why does everyone think the youngest kids need all the junk? I don't know how many people I told no to for the cotton candy and Popsicle. The local kid's hair shop was spraying hair, so O ended up with pink hair and grandpa with green!
More beads and a slinky!

Yes, she is wearing the same shirt at both parades, I did manage to change her out of the too big shorts that were falling down. She will go through phases and wear the same outfit for a week (or until it disappears) some days the fight is just not worth it!

Not so exciting, but an easy 10 mile run in the heat to start the day followed by a few toddler tantrums and some NASM studying. I think we are hitting the worst part of the terrible twos lately, I hope it is short lived! Anyone found good solutions? We've tried taking things away, time outs, ignoring and distracting to prevent them, but some days nothing seems to work and only makes it worse.

As always I was awake much earlier then everyone else and started the day with an early run with Morgan. It is tough getting a black dog out running when it is already 80F at 7am.

We finally took advantage of the "swim pond" or sandy pool, this great chlorinated beach at the park reserve. The best part; it is shallow and always clean! We are so lucky to have this pond and a huge park close to us and with the configuration of the park trails and entrance it is actually easier to bike or run there. Today we decided to bike and packed the Burley with swim suits and beach toys.
Moving the sand from the lake!

Time to enjoy two more days off work filled with music class, a trip to the zoo and plenty more studying and a much needed haircut for me!


  1. " I think we are hitting the worst part of the terrible twos lately, I hope it is short lived! Anyone found good solutions?"

    Ok, there are a million theories on dealing with temper tantrums and of course what works depends so much on the child, the parent and their dynamic but recently I stumbled on a technique that really works for us. When la cocotte starts throwing a tantrum bc she wants to do something that she simply cannot (most recently go to the park during a flash flood) I used to say:" No, we can't go to the park, it's raining? Don't you see that it's raining out? Do you really want to go to the park in the rain? etc. etc." Now instead I try to empathize and make her feel listening to e.g. "I know, you want to go to the park. I do too! Going to the park is so much fun! Wouldn't it be great if we COULD go to the park?". It works in so many situations! "I know, you want to carry Squeaker down the stairs because you love Squeaker so much and you want to show you are so strong! Wouldn't it be great if you were bigger and you COULD carry Squeaker downstairs??" etc. etc. I figure she just wants to be heard not told no all the time. As I say, this has worked for us but then La cocotte is also almost 3 and I think we are past the peak. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, I agree and hate replying with No all the time. It is so important to remember their age when they want to do something that is completely ridiculous.

  2. We do this sometimes too. Take the vacation time to relax at home instead of going somewhere crowded and stressful. Enjoy the rest of your days off:)

    1. This is new for me I am usually one to get out and travel and then need to vacation afterwards to recover!

  3. She is just too adorable! I love the "go away NOW clowns" comment- sounds just like my daughter. I was JUST telling my husband the same thing lately-- that I think we've finally hit the "terrible" part of the twos! We do all the things you do, but for the most part, I think it's just a phase we have to make it through. Nice work on your weekend runs, too! This heat is tough!

    1. Thanks :) So important to keep reminding ourselves that it is only a phase and we will all survive it.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful stay-cation! The photos are adorable.

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