Angry leg, happy belly

Today is Day 6 of completely being Gluten and Dairy Free and I am already feeling a difference. I decided against the big detox/elimination diet thing since I have a tough enough time finding foods that I didn't want to limit myself even more if I could avoid it. I know being vegetarian is my own doing, but add to that My List of food intolerances: peanuts, yeast, refined sugar, eggs, gluten, milk and a few others and eating can get tough. After just this short time of being strict I no longer look 6+ months pregnant, the pain is much less and my energy and mood are improving. Still not back to "normal" but getting there.

BlueberryOn a quick shopping trip the other day I discovered Amande almond milk yogurt. Yum! and even better, soy, dairy and gluten free and fruit juice sweetend. Unfortunately I only bought one, blueberry, guess I need to head back for more. It made a great snack after my quinoa breakfast.

Quinoa Breakfast
1 cup cooked quinoa
1/4 cup almond milk
1 tsp cinamon
1/4 tsp pure vanilla
1/4 tsp stevia (or less)

Cook quinoa, add milk, cinamon, vanilla and stevia and put in refrigerator. In morning take out half and microwave, top with a little more milk, berries and nuts. Super easy and filling

After a month of good running my leg has decided it is time to be angry again. Here I am once again needing to take a break, hopefully only a short one this time. I finished an 8 mile run last night by walking the final 1.5 miles listening to "mommy run" all the kid encouragement was not going to make this run happen unfortumately.

Good news from the workout front: I think the added protein and change of strength workout it working. After only 2 weeks I am seeing changes and feeling stronger. The bad news here is another change, my trainer is leaving the gym, boo! Just when things were getting started I have to find another to kick my butt and hold me accountable. After a couple days of biking this week, I plan to change it up with boot camp tomorrow morning.

The job change is happening quickly, I am in the process of transitioning out of my current position within the next few days, wow! I will then slowly start my new job as soon as next week. It is amazing how much stress is lifted once a decision has been made.


  1. Sorry about the leg, just a thought looking in from the outside, if you just changed up your strength routine and now you have a sore leg - could there be a connection? I like to find causes and reasons for EVERYTHING and when something changes and then something goes a bit awry....
    I hear you on the bloated tummy, glad you're figuring it out!

    1. Thanks Vicky, unfortunately the leg is an ongoing calf injury from over the Winter that likes to creep up at the worst times :( I have finally learned to be smart about it and rest when it gets angry.
      I too like to find the cause and hoepfully eliminate it if possible.


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