Zoo Day

These are the days I love, watching my little girl's face glow with excitement as she experiences new things. This is actually our second trip to the zoo, but this time she had much more fun and loved naming all the animals and of course wanting to go pet them all!

Thanks to her giraffe toy she was so excited to see all the giraffes and was disappointed when we told her that she couldn't ride them! Good thing we found these ones willing to let a little girl sit on their back.

 Our next problem arose when we made her leave the turtle exhibit without being able to climb under the fence to touch them. Someone at the zoo must have a toddler and planned accordingly with all the fake animals to ease thee desire to touch the real ones!

We ended the day with a carousel ride, I wasn't sure how this would go over since she is always covering her ears and saying things are too loud. This carousel has been around (and restored) since 1914, both Matt and I remember riding it many times as kids ourselves so it was fun to now take her on the ride. Standing up I forgot how fast these things got!

This was truly the highlight of her day. Even after running around, dragging up from animal to animal she has not napped and continues to talk about riding the horsey when she should be sleeping. Come on kiddo, sleep so mommy and daddy can enjoy a peaceful run in a few hours and not one with a crabby kid.


  1. So much fun!! We love the zoo, but I haven't tried the carousel yet... I'll have to do that next time, I'm sure L would love it. Did she ever nap?? :)

    1. Eventually there was sleep, but it was short lived!


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