Remembering Boston

Today I had originally planned a giveaway, but that can wait as I need to express my multitude of feelings after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday. O had just gone to sleep and I was headed to the treadmill but grabbed my iPad as I headed downstairs wanting to check a few friends running, as I opened Facebook I quickly learned the horror of the day. I was full of emotions as I started the run I truly needed at this point to run of anger, frustration and sadness. I spent much of my run fielding texts and FB messages from friends checking on my safety (thinking I may have been running) while I was doing the some for those I knew who were running. I was shocked by the immediate concern from runners and non-runners alike.

All I keep thinking about is how I was there the past two years with my family standing along Boylston Street watching me run, I innocently could have put them in a place of danger. We were almost there again this year, it was last minute we decided to take a break from Boston this year for a local race. I'm sure many other runners had these same thoughts about not only our own family and friends but those of other runners. I am normally someone who keeps their emotions hidden but today I was very happy for a treadmill and bike alone at home.

Runners are a family, a community, we understand each other and support each other. What other sports can you continue lifelong no matter how fast or slow you are, we share small talk on the trails with strangers and on race courses. Running brings us back to the joys and innocence of childhood and shows us the good of the world. I saw this great write up yesterday and it is so true. This hit way too close to so many of us but we will bond together and support each other with our strength as a running family. Today with lack of words I will be wearing my Boston Marathon shirt along with runners across the world to show my support. The face of distance running was ever changed and it is tragic that now such a wonderful event that people look forward to for years will be tainted but I along with millions of others will be back and out on that course in solidarity of those affected yesterday. 


  1. So glad you decided not to run this year. It's so horrible and I still can't wrap my head around it.

  2. Beautiful post. Glad you and your friends are safe. Praying for those who weren't.

  3. Gorgeous.

    What an amazing community.

  4. You wrote so beautifully the words I could not find.

  5. Well said. So scary and still doesn't feel real...thankfully you are okay and weren't there this year :-( unfortunately.

  6. Very well said Boston post. It's just so sad...

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this sad subject.


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