Training Frustrations

-Warning: Lots of complaining ahead...

Do you get to that point where you think to yourself "what am I doing?" and "why am I not where I want to be?" When I registered for my marathon I had such high hopes after a poor racing year in 2012 but this winter has kicked my butt and proven less than ideal for training. Then the hamstring got angry and mentally I am struggling. My last long run (after needing to skip a few) was tougher than I wanted. Not only did my legs fatigue but my breathing was not there either, I was suffering. Stupid allergies! The combination of never ending winter, nagging hamstring and now this fatigue is gotten me to the point of screaming. I had great hopes for this year, yes it is still early, I have been focusing on strength training and being smart while running and working on cross training.

Okay done complaining and feeling sorry for my lack of great running. I am happy to be running and the warmer weather coming (I hope!). Sometimes it just helps to write the frustrations. I know I will get here again and it helps to know I've survived it before. Deep Breath and suck it up! Time to be strong a push through the mental side of training. 

So instead of focusing on the tough runs and not peaking like I hope I am going to...

Have fun, enjoy the spring running and remember there are more races. Each experience teaches us a lesson, take the lesson and grow. And who knows in the next 5 weeks what will actually happen...


  1. sorry you are feeling so deflated right now Jen. I think it's important to feel the feelings, validate there is reason to feel dissatisfaction, review/reevaluate your goals and do what you can.
    Don't forget you are human < 3

  2. I'm sorry your felling down Jen! I agree...sometimes you just have to vent and then you feel much better. Unfortunately my husband usually catches my venting! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for warmer weather and the promise of progress with my running too...I'm done feeling like an out-of-shape runner just because I had a baby!!! There see we all can vent! :-)

  3. I hope you feel better. I wish every run could be an amazing run! Hate it when they're not:(

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling so frustrated with your training right now. It's easy to say "it's just a season" but hard to live through it. I think it's good when you get into a funk like that to take off your GPS, watch, and everything, and just go for a fun run, maybe somewhere new so you're not mentally pcing yourself. Reconnect with what you love about running... your mojo will come back before you know it!

  5. Sorry you are frustrated! I am glad I am not the only one who blogged a little and vented today:) I have had a rough winter to with my own injuries and such. It's hard to stay positive, I have had a lot of bad moments. But I have come to decide and accept that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I need to learn from all these bad experiences of late, maybe I was supposed to slow down my goals and this was a note from above to push me to do it... Who knows, I might never know. But it's easier to say than do, but this will pass and you/I will be better runners when we finally come out of it!!! Looks like you have a great support group on here, so hopefully that lifts the spirits to push on!!!

  6. I'm sorry! It sucks when we have obstacles that keep mounting up and it just gets so hard. Things will get better soon. As far as the warmer weather, it's feeling pretty good today!

  7. I've been there Jen! I know very few that had a great running winter this year. Ugh!

    Your attitude and perspective are going to take you further than seems possible!

  8. Great attitude! Can't wait to hear how things are going in the weeks to come!


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