4/28 What's For Dinner & Vegetarian Challenge Continues...

menu planning
After a week of sickness in the house we are recycling many meals since we didn't do much cooking. Linking up with Jill and Laura for menu planning. I am now just under two weeks from marathon day so cutting out all animal products again to feel better before race day (after I finish the quesadilla I have leftover from dinner)

GF Bagel with Almond Butter (Pre-Race meal)

Veggie Bean Crockpot Meal (Based on Recipe)
Dinner out with Ragnar Group
Salad with Black Beans, Sweet Potato and Peppers
Samosa Baked Potatoes
Lentil Tacos

Veggies and Hummus
Perfect Foods Bars
Apples with SunButter
Granola with Almond Milk Yogurt and Berries
And whatever fun things I continue to pull out of the GFree Connect Package (hint, a giveaway!) 

What's on your menu this week? Any new or favorite vegetarian meals?

Vegetarian Challenge Continues...

By popular demand we’re extending the 7-Day Vegetarian Challenge 7 another week!Click here for challenge details. Remember to go link up your recipes and posts at the link too. Who wants to join me in vegan for a week?

Daily Challenges

Vegetarian Challenge
4/29 – Day 8: Plan a meal using the vegetarian food pyramid as a guide.
Note: There are almost as many food guide pyramids out there as there are diet books. I chose this guide as the one that most reflects my diet. To be used as a general guideline.
4/30 – Day 9: Prepare a meal using ingredients that fit the superfood criteria.
5/1 – Day 10:  Eat seasonably. Prepare a breakfast with a seasonal fruit.
Days 11-14 challenges will be posted on Wednesday.
Everyone is welcome to join whether you participated in the first week or not! No need to sign up again if you joined the first week.

Remember to share you foods on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the Link up  to win!

We respect your email privacy.

Huma Gel Giveaway open until tomorrow night, go enter! I have a couple more fun giveaways planned this week.


  1. I've updated my link, but don't know how to fix it on the link-up:

    1. Not sure either, but feel free to add a 2nd link :)

  2. I'm glad you're extending the vegetarian challenge since I was gone this past week.. I'll have to tweak our menu a little bit. Two weeks... so exciting!!

    1. Glad you are joining us Laura, travel makes seating specific foods tough.

  3. What a great plan! I haven't been eating meat per plan but am not eating as healthy as I should. I'd say it's only okay.

    1. Meals are pretty good for me but I need to work on healthy snacking!

  4. I might be interested in a vegan challenge. I've been saying I should give it a try for awhile so this might give be a little extra motivation to do it.

    I can't believe you are 2 weeks away from your marathon. Time is flying!

    1. Join me in going vegan, The toughest part for me is cheese, I love cheese!

  5. I wish I could dedicate to doing this for our family...I need to just TRY for one week!

    1. That's the best you can do, give it a try and see what happens :)

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas!!
    emma @ amomrunsthistown.com


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