Marathon Monday and Guess How Far/How Fast

Last week I ran half  #4 of 13 in 2013 (more about that later this week) and cut way back on training, this was the first week I was okay with not running, I even allowed myself walking and just soaked in the world around. Here’s my past training week.

Monday: 11.1 mile run and planks
Tuesday: Morning spin/weights with trainer & Easy evening Run 4.5 miles
Wednesday: 5.5 mile run and planks
Thursday: Morning 2 mile walk and afternoon 7 mile Trail Run/Walk, skipped weights due to a weird back thing
Friday:  Spin and Core/planks
Saturday: 5.5 Mile run with group
Sunday: Half Marathon #4 of 2013 (I met 2 of my goals J )

This week will be another easy training week, really trying to be smart in preparation since I am feeling good about this race. Nothing big planned:
Monday: Walk and core/weights, thinking about a swim
Tuesday: Morning spin and Easy evening Run
Wednesday: Easy morning run and planks
Thursday: Morning spin and walk
Friday:  Easy spin and core/planks
Saturday: Easy run with group
Sunday: Marathon #22 (Guess my time below!)

How fast do you think I will run? How many miles do you think Jill will run?

I am running Swan Lake Marathon, my 22nd marathon.
  • Flat and fast course with Small field of runners.
  • I have been dealing (and rehabbing) a hamstring injury.
  • A Goal: Accomplish my What's Beautiful goal.
  • B Goal: Run faster than my previous time at Lake Wobegon in May.

Jill and her husband are teaming up again this year, Incredibles 2.0, for the Hawthorn Half Day Ultra and Relay.

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Can you guess how far and how fast?

How to enter:
  1. Leave a comment telling us what goal you’re working on.
  2. Using the Google doc below, enter your guess for how far Jill will run and how fast I will run.
  3. Tweet Enter to win the #howfarhowfast giveaway @jillconyers and @marathonmom10 #13in2013 @runningskirts @mizuno_running at and leave a comment letting us know you did.
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How Far and How Fast Giveaway

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  1. I will be taking it easy this week myself since I'm doing the RW Runstreak.

  2. I'm getting ready to start training for my 5th marathon, MCM. Would really love to PR on this one.

    1. Good luck on the marathon training :)

  3. I tweeted!

  4. I'll be working on my triathlon training-completing my first race with my new kayak!

  5. Awesome! I'm working on getting back into running and being more consistent with my runs. I've been slacking a lot lately and I want to get back into it... but of course, this week I'm battling a chest/sinus infection. But I still ran! I did 4 slow miles this morning and it felt like I was breathing through a straw, but it's done!

    1. Way to get out there! I've been dealing with allergy issue all spring and it is tough on running!

  6. I tweeted!

  7. Great week of workouts Jen! Congrats on the half marathon! And you are gonna ROCK the marathon this next weekend!!!

  8. I'm working on a sub 25 5k for a 4th of July 5k.

  9. Hmm, I guess my next goal really isn' t until the Philly marathon, so for now, I'm just working on staying healthy and uninjured!

  10. What a fun idea!!! Good luck in your race, I look forward to seeing the great time you'll post!!!

  11. I'm working on my prep for a 21 mile run at the end of October. I ran a virtual half on December 30th, 2012 with a couple of friends, but this will be the longest I have ran by far.

  12. Totally tweeted the tweet to Twitter!

  13. I'm training towards a 3:40 marathon!

  14. Working on training for the California International Marathon in December. It will be my first!


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