June-My comeback month?


I am writing this on day 4 of pre-5am wake ups (only one was on purpose) thank you O for the early starts! May brought continued winter and continued hamstring/piriformis issues along with a less than great month of running. So what did I do this month…

  • Started intense rehab on this leg with ART, cold laser and strength. I am not taking fish oil and finally seeing results.
  • 2 days a week spin class (starting cutting one out for elliptical instead)
  • Guess what…I swam!
  • 3 days a week strength (except marathon week)
  • Completed my 5th & 6th races of the year (missing goals on both), Half and Full Marathon #3 & 4 of 13 in 2013
  • 190.0 running miles (Not close to my 245 mile goal)

  • Organize the house, Better but still needs work!
  • I graduated in May! I now hold 2 Master’s degrees and soon will be double certified
  • Weigh job opportunities and figure out best fit, Working on it but getting closer
  • Schedule board certification exam and set study plan, Studying but waiting on final okay to schedule
  • Decide if I want to finish my doctoral project, I am 99% sure I will

  • After marathon I slacked on good eating and added back a little too much desserts and wine

  • Gymnastics and summer dance scheduled
  • Lunch and coffee with friends and a few runs
  • Still working on kid behavior/parenting

June means summer, I hope! Racing season will be in full force and so will studying and job decisions. I am also hoping this is the start of some good running again!

Fitness Goals
  • 225+ running miles
  • 3nd Half Marathon of 2013 (done already on June 2nd)
  • 2nd Marathon of 2013 (goal = 3:30)
  • Start speed work late in June
  • Bike 2x week, Strength 3x week and Swim 2x in June

  • Organize the house: For Real!
  • Weigh job opportunities and figure out best fit
  • Schedule board certification exam and study
  • Decide on a topic for doctoral project

  • Stop mindless eating!
  • Continue to add 1 new recipe per week and stick with meal planning
  • Incorporate more fruit/veggies now that our CSA begins soon
  • Get back out of drinking diet soda!

  • Survive dance recital and gymnastics show
  • Dinner planned with friends
  • Plan Fall activities
  • Enjoy time outside: beach, parades, bike rides
  • Work on O sleeping in (need to find a “wake up” clock)

Someone is ready for summer!

How was your May? What are your June Goals? Don't forget to enter my RaceKred Giveaway and The How Far/How Fast Contest


  1. Our Mays look familiar.

    I've been hampered by plantar fasciitis since the middle of May. I've been struggling with injuries on and off since last August. So I finally gave in and saw a Podiatrist. Orthotics are on order and should be here in a couple of weeks.

    Hopefully, the mid-end of June might look better for running.

    Nice post and here's to injury-free running!


    1. Hope the orthotics help and you are pain free soon.

  2. Oh early mornings...I love 'em when I'm by myself not when little ones decide to join me. ;) We have an OK to Wake clock. Had really high hopes for it. Total fail. If you find the solution, let me know!

    Best of luck in June!

    1. I was just looking at the OK to Wake clocks yesterday, need to order one to give it a try.
      I too love my early morning time Alone!

  3. Those are good specific goals! I wish summer = running in my neck of the woods! It's humidity/rainy season for us down here! Take care!

    1. In the midwest summer is the best time to run, although last summer was brutal meaning early morning runs.

  4. My May goals went well, except I majorly slacked on running. I am on a good start with June, despite this chest infection, but here's hoping I get healthy and stay on track!!

    1. Good luck with June, yay for a strong start :)

  5. Good luck with the June goals - busy month for sure!
    I remember the days with little ones and trying to get them to sleep until a certain time. Now I have teenagers and 1 of them would sleep all morning if I would let him (I don't cause I'm mean that way!!).

    1. I remember those days of sleeping so late, now I'm in bed at 9pm!

  6. I need O to come to my house and wake me up. I overslept this morning and didn't get my workout in. That means I have to teach and get my speed drills in today.

    Great goals! What are your degrees in?

    1. She'd be happy to wake up at 5am!

      I have a BS in Nursing, MS in Adult Health Clinical Specialist and now MS as nurse practitioner.

  7. Good luck with June! I hope the running goes great this month! No injuries!!! :-)

  8. Awesome goals! I'm going to try to use June to clean up my diet, especially with marathon training kicking off!

    1. Good luck with the diet clean up and marathon training :)

  9. Organizing the house... my perennial goal! I am actually making some progress this month though, as making room for a new human in the house requires some rearranging of rooms and closets! My other big goal for the month is to eat really clean.

    1. Good luck with your goals and the new human on the way :)


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