2 Sides of running: Who have you met?

There are two sides to running and both a necesary in their own ways:

Social: Are you are social runner? Run with groups/friends? Others can hold us accountable to meet and get in those tough workouts.

For me this is my MRTT friends, running buddies, those who I have met through coaching who inspire me with their stories, the professionals I have met that are so real and down to earth to still share their stories with someone like me and my online running friends to support from afar. I have met and been able to do so much through the simple thing being a runner: meeting Meb, traveling to multiple states and countries, showing my daughter a great lifelong sport, meet others who are amazingly strong and inspiring.

Social runs motivate, are great for anything from easy to the hardest workouts you've ever done! I need these when I either need an extra push or just need to chat with my running friends. Plus why else would I want to run at 5am or in sleet or in 0 degree weather?!

Individual: And then there are some days when there is nothing better then being along with nothing other than the pavement and your thoughts. I'm sure to some it makes me crazy that I enjoy running for hours by myself some days. I guess as a mom with a stressful job I need this time to not think or worry about what is heading my way next. I can just soak up the world around me instead of solving a major crisis.

Which are you? Social or individual runner or combination? Who have you met through running?


  1. I train by myself, largely because it's easier to manage my time that way. When I travel to races, I always look for opportunities to meet other runners or reunite with runners I've met at other races. Pre-race and post-race dinners are social experiences.

  2. I'm an individual, mostly because I haven't really had a chance to get into any groups and I think oddly I enjoy the alone time because it's a great time to surf my thoughts, come up with answers to all my minds questions and change my mind on a dime if I want to run faster/further or cut it short, LOL But I do enjoy chatting with runners before a race starts, good times!

  3. Definitely social-I wrote all about how much I love MRTT today.
    Confessions of a Mother Runner

  4. I have a long fabulous list of who I've met through running. People I probably would not have met otherwise. And as a blogging runner? The list is even more fabulous!


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