Changes and feeling great! Are you ready to change?

I usually don't post like this, so open. And I am for sure not one to take selfies! I've struggled with how my body responded after pregnancy and now especially with all the changes over the past year: back to full time work, quicker meals, big running injury, etc. But here it is...

I was ask yesterday about Beachbody and why I started the programs and why I became a coach and thought I'd share with my readers as well and show the progress I have made in just two short months (2 very busy months with long work days, travel and O's activities).

I joined the Team at Beachbody because I was an injured runner who had gained weight due to lack of workouts. I had spent so many years in my run and lifting routine that I was lost with ½ of that and no longer seeing positive changes. I felt like I’d even hit a plateau on my lifting, I wanted strength and definition and it was coming! I had become frustrated with running the past year and was not enjoying it, heck I was actually happy with the need to stop running. In June I heard about PiYo and that it sounded like something worth trying. At the same time I was convinced (very reluctantly) to try Shakeology. I mean, I don’t jump on these supplement bandwagons I want my food! But these carb cravings and afternoons filled with processed food were killing me so why not.

I think the turning point came in one of my first runs back, it was hot, so I decided to finish my run in only a sports bra. I looked as I was running and nearly cried as I saw the bloat and lose belly over the top of my shorts. What had happened? I used to have abs! Now I looked like I did 5 months pregnant. My pants were all feeling tight and I was just frustrated!

I have seen huge changes both outwardly and in my running. After almost 2 years with a nagging, worsening injury I spent 2 months not running and going through intense PT with slow results. After 1 month of PiYo/P90X3 combo my PT was shocked at the progress in my glute strength, core strength/stability/balance and flexibility that I was allowed to increase mileage and speed! I also saw results I haven’t seen in years. After 2 months I no longer have my belly and am finally seeing the return of pre-baby (almost 5 yrs) abs! I am down 7lbs and feel great! While I have gained inches on arms and legs, I have lost on my waist and hips!

As a coach I have been able to share these great workouts and more with others, I’ve had a passion for fitness, nutrition and running for years and feel that this was a perfect way to tie it all together! I have seen friends lose weight, gain energy and reset their fitness and nutrition through the programs. P90X has helped runners knock time off their PRs and become stronger on less miles. And Shakeology has saved me, every afternoon I pass on the pile of processed carbs and have a shake and maintain my energy all day!
Left: June 20th Right: Aug 22nd (Sorry I'm not great at selfies!)

With all this said I’d love to have you join me starting September 6th for a Back to School Challenge Group! You pick the workouts, I’ll provided support, coaching and resources and as a group we will encourage and hold each other accountable. Who wants to join? Make sure to buy your challenge pack before August 31st to make sure it arrives in time. Ask me anything and make sure to order here

What was your turning point to make changes? What is your biggest struggle?


  1. I just got the PiYo core workout and I like it so far. Only done it 2x so too early to tell yet.
    Confessions of A Mother Runner

  2. WTG Jen! I'm finishing week 7 (I think I did week 6 twice LOL) and already planning the strength round.

  3. My turning point for a change was when I was out of breath walking up stairs and carrying heavy grocery bags. Congrats on becoming a Beach Body coach.


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