2/17 Menu Planning & Cabbage "Rolls"

Linking up with Jill and Laura for menu planning as we get back on track with staying accountable to our plans. Still working on the Saturday and lack of wanting to follow through. It gets to the end of the week and I don’t want to cook. Still working to try new meals. Last week made the cabbage rolls and they were wonderful!

Sunday: Broccoli Pepper Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce
Monday: Fajitas
Tuesday: Sandwich pre-run
Wednesday: Black Bean Soup with Brazilian Cheese Bread (my changes: 3/4c skim milk 1/4c oil add 1 tsp baking powder)
Thursday: Pasta & Spinach Salad
Friday: Chickpea Spinach Curry
Saturday: ??Dinner out

Now to work on my mindless snacking! I was thrilled to find a store selling Perfect Foods Bars last and stocked up for easy grab snacks. Have you tried these? Great protein and gluten free! Between these and Pro Bars Fruition I am happy on the go. I hate wasting pre-packaged foods at home though.

Home Snacks for the week
  • Rice Cake with Almond Butter
  • Yogurt with berries
  • Veggies & Hummus
  • Pumpkin Granola
  • Fruit & Nuts

The cabbage rolls were an experiment, and my lesson- don’t turn your back on boiling cabbage. Oops, a little soggy leading to shredding and inability to roll so my solution cabbage layers. I kind of liked this, much easier and still just as tasty! I even managed to use the same pan (large soup pot) to boil cabbage, then saute veggies and finally layer and bake the “rolls”.

Cabbage Rolls
1 head cabbage
1 medium onion diced
2 cloves garlic minced
1 cup quinoa- cooked
½ cup TVP (rehydrated according to package)
1-2 zucchini diced
Salt/pepper to taste
1 tbsp each chopped basil, oregano, rosemary leaves (or 2 tsp dried)
2 cups tomato sauce (1 can)
2 cups diced tomatoes (1 can)
Parmesan Cheese

Boil cabbage until tender 4-5 minutes and blanch in ice, then dry. Saute onion and garlic, add zucchini until soft. Add salt/pepper to taste. Add quinoa, TVP, tomatoes, and seasonings (and sauce if making cabbage layers like I did otherwise top with sauce). If making rolls fill each leave and layer in baking dish or layer cabbage and quinoa mix alternating. Top with Parmesan cheese if wanted.   Bake 350F for 25-30 min until bubbly and heated. Next time I might even try to make in slow cooker.

Sub in marinara for the tomato sauce and seasoning for even easier meal.

How is your weekly menu looking? Anything you want to share?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Marathon Monday and share your week in training. And did you win the ENERGYbits® Giveaway? I still haven’t heard from the winner.


  1. I haven't tried the Perfect Food bars. I'll see if I can find them this weekend. Totally agree about eating prepackaged foods at home. The cabbage rolls sound delicious! And the pumpkin granola too :)

  2. Great menu!! I'm doing a stir fry type dish too. Your soup with bread sounds yummy. What exactly is Brazilian Cheese Bread?

    1. I added the link wth my changes, here it is http://afterdinnerdance.com/brazilian-cheese-bread-and-big-news/ it is kind of popover like and yummy :)

  3. Mmm, the cabbage rolls sound so good. My mom used to make the traditional ground beef-rice filling, but I love the sound of your version! I never want to cook by Saturday either- it's either eating out, leftovers or something super fast like breakfast for dinner.

    1. Breakfast for dinner is always a great option

  4. I've never had a cabbage roll before but I've seen a few that sounded good (including yours) lately that I might try it. Friday and Saturday nights are always hard for dinner. Easy always wins!

    1. I haven't made cabbage rolls in years and it was a good addition to our list.

  5. Everything sounds delicious! I am a sucked for anything with peanut sauce :) And I am definitely going to have to check out those cabbage rolls. Yum?

    1. Thanks! Peanut Sauce is a love of mine :)

  6. Everything sounds delicious! I am a sucked for anything with peanut sauce :) And I am definitely going to have to check out those cabbage rolls. Yum?

  7. Your menu sounds delicious. I have never tried making cabbage rolls, although I have often thought of it.

    1. I always want to but they can be work, that's why I was fine with my cabbage layers instead ;)


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