Marathon Monday: Week 5

Week 5 is behind me as is nearly February, I am hoping March will bring with it better weather. Anyone who has trained for an event whether it be a marathon or other competition knows that there are ups and downs. Typically this comes much later for me but with the lack of decent running it is here (or was, I think this week may have been the cure). This winter has been frustrating and the weather causing me many tough runs, I am trying to focus on the fun side: grabbing a friend to run with or making it an intense workout (yes that is fun) and pushing through.

Week 5 was better but still frustrating as we got hit once again with snow and sub-zero temps. We are finally moving up to the 30s and I hope to see this snow melt away and no more add to it. The main trails I run do not get cleared in winter so I am left with street running, much different then last winter when due to lack of snow was on the trails all winter except maybe once. What is your secret for getting through tough (boring) runs? Any songs I need to add to my iPod?

Monday: Morning Easy run 7.5 miles 1:02:00 with friend + core workout
Tuesday: Morning bike trainer at home (too cold to go outside), weights with trainer & Evening tempo 6 mile Run (coaching)- on treadmill
Wednesday: Back to intervals during pre-school: 10.5 miles 1:15:30
Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon 4 mile easy run 35:00 and weights
Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga
Saturday: Easy 7.5 mile run 1:11:07 (with run group to teach new route), no afternoon weights due to 3 year birthday party
Sunday: 18.5 miles (4 outside dodging ice before hitting treadmill for 14.5 more) 2:25:17 (7:52 pace) Thank you Spirit of the Marathon for getting me through the 14.5.
The terrain to start and finish my Sunday run, ugh neither is perfect!

And what's ahead for Week 6 of marathon training? I am hoping nicer weather, cleared paths and miles in the midst of a crazy week. Calf is feeling better after almost a week of foam rolling daily.

Goal: Push the speed intervals (both distance and pace) and not let the mental resistance kick in. Work on post-run fueling and better morning timing. I have a tough time eating after a hard workout and then pay for it later in the day. What is your go to post-workout fuel?

Monday: Morning Recovery Run/Yoga
Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Easy evening Run (coaching)
Wednesday: Morning Run (Speed Intervals-1 mile repeats aiming for 6-6:30 min pace) & Evening ? easy run/walk with friends
Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon weights/possible easy run
Friday: Morning Long Run (18-20 Miles)
Saturday: Conference all day hope for short lunch run
Sunday: Conference all day hope for short lunch run

How was your week in training? Have a training post of any distance, then link up and share stories, encouragement and concerns.

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  1. So much variety in your training! I think I need to adopt some of that into my routine!

  2. The weather can be so hard to train through! I'm with you though...the ice is not a risk I can take! I'm not too graceful! Kudos to you for rocking the miles even though the weather was tough!

  3. Great week of workouts Jen! I can't imagine having to deal with winter weather on top of training!

  4. Wow, way to rock those miles! I hope the temp gets higher soon:)

  5. After hard or long workouts I crave protein - my favorite is a breakfast burrito or some sort of scramble - at any time of the day!

  6. You got in some awesome mileage and paces this week!! Especially for dealing with cold and ice.

  7. Agree, agree, agree! We've got 22 days till the official start of Spring. I'd love to see it right now!

    Great week of training despite the conditions. Plus, you are awesome for logging 14.5 miles on the treadmill!

  8. I get through boring runs with running podcasts. Try MarathonTalk and (it's great even if you aren't into ultras). Listening to interviews with both famous and regular runners really inspires me and gets me through the boring runs.

  9. I am inspired by the variety of your workouts! As for post workout fuel. I just try and get protein (any kind) into me as soon as possible after a workout! Cheers! Tara :)

  10. Hope the weather cooperates this week! I'm planning on starting c25k in March. :)

  11. I share your pain with the weather. We had a couple of nice days but today another foot of snow. I'm rekindling my love for the mill. No choice.


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