Putting it all all in perspective & the end in sight

I woke up this morning thinking it was only Tuesday, Matt wasn't happy I tried giving him an extra day of work this but me I need an extra day or more! I am reaching the end of my second grad school journey that began way too long ago and has included a couple breaks. The worst part is I could have been done with this 5 or 6 years ago had I not changed programs to a different concentration 7 years ago, ugh! Oh well that is in the past and I did earned my first Master's and Adult certification at that time. 
At the start of this semester during the usual introductions I think everyone thought I was crazy when mine went slightly like this...
"I am in my final semester of this NP program while finishing up my doctoral project.... My husband is also a grad student and we have a 3 year old daughter.... I am training for my 21st marathon..."
My professor "oh my that is one crazy house, 2 grad students and a 3 year old!...how do you find time to run?"
Why is this always the question? I make time to run to keep my sanity and health, simple! Honestly who can spend their entire day studying anyways? I hate to admit it but I have never been the best student example, I get bored easily, don't sit well and tend to procrastinate. Please tell me I'm not the only one! I need my running breaks. I have also been known to get on the bike trainer or elliptical and study, knocks out 2 things: an easy workout and keeps me awake to study.

I am lucky to have gained a great clinical spot this semester with a physician in sports medicine who challenges me and keeps my learning. He won't accept "I've never done that" or "I don't know how" as an excuse, the answer I get is "I will teach you and you are doing it." I love this, I am a hands on learner and need this push. As both school and training get more intense I may disappear from here in order to remain focused and spend time with my family/friends, but I will be back and I'm sure there will be days I need to write.
The bag with my life right now...iPad, books, food and plenty of Starbucks gift cards 
Up to my ears in this pile...(for the next 10 weeks at least) Just a little light reading!
but only up to my ankles in this, project is taking a backseat for now.
Yes, life is a little crazy as we work through the semester and fit in long runs but what better way to get through a tough day, or staying up 2 hours past my normal bedtime to finish a paper I had forgotten about, yep always the procrastinator! This weekend I get the joy of spending 3 full days inside while we have a weekend of warm weather finally, reviewing for my upcoming board certification. Right now I day at a time (sometimes even one hour at a time) but still thinking ahead to what's next. My reward for finishing this all...

Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

I never realized when I registered that my first marathon of the year will be the day after I am officially done with school. This may be interesting...tapering and wrapping up school, watch out!


  1. sounds as though you are complete satisfied to me!! GREAT for you and your family that you can and do prioritize AND that you have fantastic support right at home <3

  2. I get that question a lot too! I am almost in the same boat, except I'm only in my third quarter of my MSN/NP program and have a 6 year old. :) Trainingnkeeps me happy and grounded. Take tha away and I'm one unhappy mama! Congrats on almost being done with your program!! How exciting! Looking forward to your report on that marathon. I lived in MN until I was 36, my parents still live there and I am always looking for excuses to go back there and run. I have heard that is a nice, flat course and has a high percentage of BQ's (which I am shooting for!).

  3. So glad you have a great teaching physician. It really helps make all the difference in your day. I had to laugh at the Starbucks gift cards. I seem to run off of Starbucks too :)

  4. I am also a procrastenator and live with someone who is the polar opposite. Drives me crazy. When I was in school he was always "did you do....?" And I'd just roll my eyes at him and walk away.

    Everyone should have an outlet! People who don't amuse me because at the end of the day I'm less frazzled than they are even if I put something off. Call it planned procrastination. ;-)

    Have a wonderful run!

  5. What a great way for you to celebrate being done with school! I can't imagine balancing all that you do. Some days I look back and think about writing my thesis and planning a wedding at the same time and wonder how I survived. Good luck with this semester!

  6. I trained for my first half marathon while studying for the bar exam after law school graduation last summer. I totally agree with you--who can study all the time? I tried to take my runs at times when I felt myself completely losing my ability to focus and lots of times it made all the difference when I came back because I had a chance to be alone and clear my head. The stress relief I get from running was certainly an added benefit and helped me keep my sanity!

  7. I'm so glad you have a great physician to learn from right now! I so wish you could meet my NP friend. She is the most amazing health care provider. I'm a pharmacist and she works in the clinic and we are such a great team! Good luck to you!


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