Afternoon energy slump & ENERGYbits Giveaway

Over the past year I have written about my afternoon energy slump and subsequent turn to carbs and caffeine without much improvement. This is also the time when I tend to mindlessly eat. I tried all the good options: regular sleep, exercise, healthy eating, etc but was having issues many afternoons starting with my drive home, not safe! 

Last fall I was introduced to ENERGYbits® but was a little skeptical that algae would somehow wake me up. I will admit I don't regularly but kept the tin in my work bag and often grabbed a few throughout the afternoon and in the car. I never took the full 30 they suggest but can say the small amount was enough to keep me moving and usually gave me that kick to the gym which was often my greatest fix. As someone who eats healthy (mostly), exercises and sleeps well this was the extra boost I needed to avoid the caffeine in the afternoon.

What are ENERGYbits®? ENERGYbits® and SKINNYbits® are 100% organically grown spirulina algae which is loaded with heart healthy Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 3 and GLA which reduce inflammation in blood vessels. This helps blood to flow easily and heals the blood vessels so blood pressure and the chance of heart attack or stroke are reduced. Check out these sobering statistics...many years of work with stroke patients has shown me first hand the devastating effects. Have you been effected by stroke or heart disease? How do you encourage others to live healthy?

Heart Disease and Stroke are the Nation’s Leading Killers
One in three deaths in the USA are from heart disease and stroke
One in three adults in the USA have cardiovascular disease
More women then men have a stroke each year (55,000 more)
An estimated 68 million adults have high blood pressure
An estimated 71 million adults have high cholesterol
An estimated 935,000 heart attacks and 795,000 strokes occur each year in USA

Want to try heart healthy ENERGYbits® or SKINNYbits® this month, maybe even as a Valentines Day gift! To honor Heart Health Month, receive 25% DISCOUNT all of February! To receive the 25% discount, visit or and enter the discount code VALENTINE into the coupon box at check out.

Even Better, win a gift pack of ENERGYbits® 

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  1. Really want to try these bites to see if it helps my AM run!! I love overnight oats post run and pre long runs

  2. I love eating some fruit in the afternoon for a little sugar boost :)

  3. Um...afternoon pick me up??? (hiding head in shame, knowing that this is NOT the way to go!) ;) Looking forward to the chance to try something OTHER than coffee!

    1. I am a coffee girl too! Trying to get out of this habit

  4. I've never tried these before, but sounds like something that would be perfect around 3:00 when I tend to like a boost!

  5. I've been wanting to try these for the last few months!!

  6. I guess my afternoon pick up would be soda.

  7. My afternoon pick me up is a banana. I bring one to work everyday to fight the 4pm sugar cravings - and to say No to the snack cart.

  8. Wanting to try these. I just started Chia seeds this week, trying to see if they boost energy in the afternoon.

    1. I have yet to try Chia seeds but I have heard great things on those too :)

  9. i used to be a mid-afternoon cup o'joe sorta gal, but now i am trying to cut back on the caffeine. So i have not found a good replacement yet!

    1. Same here, trying really hard to avoid the coffee today :(


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