Chasing or being chased? Win a race entry

When you race do you think of it as chasing the person in front of you? or are you more motivated by being chased by the runner behind? For me it is a little of both. Being chased is the concept behind this new race... 

Do you prefer to run alone or with others? For me this truly depends on so much: my mood, how much is going through my head, how much I am motivated and my reason for the run. Do you run with your significant other? Do they push you to run harder or is it the other way around? Matt ran long before I started but only a few short runs a week, he decided after watching me run multiple marathons he was in for his first and there was no looking back. Now he has gone more in the direction of triathlons as I stayed focused on running but we still do race together (okay run the same course). 

Over the past year I have decided to not only focus on the racing and competitive side of running but also the fun side and regaining my love of the sport. For me this has meant races with friends and non timed fun events. Are you always racing or able to back down and have fun? I recently saw the Skirt Chaser and thought what a fun concept, although I will be racing those men!

What is the Skirt Chaser 5k?Women Start first at 4pm (wearing Skirt Sports of course!). 3 minutes later, the Chaser wave follows. Join us on Saturday July 27th, 2013 for the Skirt Sports Skirt Chaser 5k St. Paul. It's a party that just happens to have a 5k! Whether you love running or playing (or both), be prepared to push your limits on the road and the dance floor. If you're single, then wear a sign (or one of our stickers) on your back to show that you're looking for love!

Not only is this a fun run, but there is a cash prize for the equalizer winner! You run, show those men how strong we are and then enjoy a fun post-race party. And even better, the race starts at 4pm! No early morning, so sleep in and enjoy the morning. Check out the great sponsors: Running Room & Skirt Sports so you know the gear will be great!

Do you want to join the fun? Register Here for the Minnesota Race and use code “SKIRTMOM” for $5 off through March 31st. (sorry MN race only) But first I am giving away a free entry to this race too! Come join in the fun, bring your friends and significant others and run.

Free Entry to MN Skirt Chaser & don't forget $5 off with code "SKIRT MOM"

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  1. I don't like to run with others unless it is during a race. As for running with my husband...I'm way too slow for him.
    Love the theme for this race too!

  2. Sounds fun! Too bad I live so far away. I love the idea of adding in some fun runs this year.

  3. That sounds like fun! If only I was closer!! I'll have to check this out.

  4. THis sounds so cute, but not in my area!

  5. That sounds fun! Too far for me to go, hope they start doing this in other places:)

  6. Fun idea! I've never heard of this one before!

  7. That is a cute idea! I run like I'm chasing, and I prefer to run alone. I get really lost in my own's a zen thing! :)

  8. What a fun race! Now I have to find a decent running skirt that doesn't look funny on me. :)

  9. hmmmmmm. Family vacation idea?!?! TBD

  10. I run with my family! My Dad, brother, and I have done a few races together!


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