July and Making Improvements

June actually meant summer! Racing season is in full force along with hamstring rehab and studying and job decisions. I have focused on enjoying the run and having fun again. It also meant continued sleep issues, no more naps and 3am wake ups from a certain 3 ½ year old, ugh! The last couple nights have been better so I hope we are on the fix with this.

Fitness Goals
  • 225+ running miles: Made 200.3 miles
  • 3nd Half Marathon and 2nd Marathon of 2013 (goal = 3:30) Miserable Race and no goal time
  • Start speed work late in June Not cleared until now to race L
  • Biked 2-3x week, strength training 2-3x week and no swimming- are you surprised?

Swan Lake Marathon before I was truly miserable!

  • Organize the house: Finally started!
  • Weigh job opportunities and figure out best fit I accepted a great job J
  • Schedule board certification exam and study Soon (but I never tell the day until it is over)
  • Decide on a topic for doctoral project Not yet

  • Stop mindless eating! Not great, but July 1 is it!
  • Continue to add 1 new recipe per week and stick with meal planning Doing great!
  • Incorporate more fruit/veggies now that our CSA begins soon Limited veggies so far, but losts of fruit and onions and kale to cook with J
  • Get back out of drinking diet soda! None since June 10th J

  • Survive dance recital and gymnastics show Yes! Dance recital was interesting complete with storm warnings and evacuation but O did great and actually danced!
  • Dinner planned with friends, date night with Matt and weekly runs with MRTT
  • Plan Fall activities Dance and pre-school scheduled
  • Enjoy time outside: beach, parades, bike rides Zoo and 2 parades J

With her friend after the gymnastics show
Dance, ready to go!
July already! Wow, where did the time go? We are finally having weather we should have gotten 1-2 months ago, I am finally enjoying time outside and we can almost relax J Like I mentioned before July is going to be my come back, I am working on eating and smart training.

  • Run 225 miles
  • Get back to quality training and cut out junk miles
  • Bike 2x week, Strength train 3x week and swim again
  • 4th Half (7th half/full of 13in2013) and want to be back under 1:40
  • 2 5Ks in July and a 3.7 Mile race that I haven’t run in years, time to push out of my comfort zone!
  • Focus on core work and rehab strength (4-5x week)

  • Organize the house, get 2 more rooms done
  • Pass boards!
  • I have a couple great opportunities that have come my way: writing, training and running related. I can’t wait to share these with everyone. One involves a giveaway for my readers too J

  • Limit processed foods
  • No more boredom eating!
  • Experiment with new CSA veggies

  • Weekly activity with O of her choice (within reason!)
  • Lunch with friends and weekly MRTT runs
  • Still working on kid sleep, she has decided that listening to Dave Matthews Band while she sleeps is her new thing, girl has decent taste in music!
How was June? Halfway through the year, time to reevaluate those goals and stay (or get back) on track! What are your July goals?


  1. AWESOME goals! Good luck on your boards this month - you are going to do great! I wonder if you can give O a choice of three things every week and she can pick one from that list? That way, you won't have anything super crazy. Also, nice work on kicking soda!


    1. For sure giving her options! I'm sure without she'd want to bike 10 Miles or go to Disney World!

  2. Hi got here via Triberr. Looks like you've got a very detailed plan to follow! I'm a mom of five, and I love running. It really helps me as a mom!


    1. Wow, five you are amazing! Welcome :)

  3. Great job Jen! You're doing awesome with all of your goals! I know July will be another great month for you!

  4. I did great on my goals for june, and I'm hoping to do the same for July! My goal for July is to try one new thing a week.

    1. That is a great goal, I need to do more of that too :)

  5. You're doing great! You have LOTS going on... hope the sleep stuff gets sorted out with O, that is so tough!

    1. Thanks Laura, I hope so too. It is getting better so I hope we are getting there.

  6. Love how you break out the goals into different aspects of your life! I need to organize too, got the home office cleaned out last week which was a huge task. Now to get it set up.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. It really helps to look at things this way for me :)

  7. That's what I love about a new month! A new chance at goals!

    Good luck on your boards! I know you'll be glad when it's over.

  8. Get those boards over with ;) You'll do great! Can't wait to hear what's in store for you with writing and running!
    emma @ a mom runs this town . com

    1. Thanks, can't wait to have this stress gone!


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