Marathon Monday and Taking Time

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Week 3 I ran half #6 on Thursday and while I hoped to get back under 1:40 I knew that wasn’t happening. I have not trained well since March and despite running pain free again I am not fully able to work. Combine this with the stress right now in life and no wonder I haven’t run well! I am focusing on me, family and enjoying the summer right now instead. While I  am entering Week 4 of marathon training I have no plans and am okay with that. I will continue to strength train, bike and run a little but am backing down even more until I can fully come back. The

Monday: Morning walk with puppy
Tuesday: Morning strength with trainer, Easy Evening 5 mile Run with group
Wednesday: Walk 5 miles with a friend and kids
Thursday: Half Marathon!
Friday:  Morning spin (run to/from gym for 3.5 miles) strength
Saturday: 10 mile easy run with friends/group
Sunday: 5 mile walk with Matt, core and strength

Week 4 is filled with plenty of non-running fun and hopefully the end to much of the stress I have been focusing on.
Monday: Short stress relief run with Morgan and pilates
Tuesday: Matt and I are going to see Counting Crows for his birthday so no coaching that evening. I will get in morning spin and strength. Likely walk to/from gymnastics with O.
Wednesday: Matt is home so we have a zoo day planned.
Thursday: Strength with trainer and easy run to/from gym. That night is a community parade.
Friday: Spin class and berry picking with O.
Saturday: 3.7 mile race with mom’s run group and then kid’s race with O. Busy day including her first fireworks at night!
Sunday: Bike and strength

I have no doubt in my ability to finish a marathon with lack of ideal training but that isn’t my goal currently. I know that by backing away right now for a couple weeks focusing fully on rehab that I can devote a good amount to full training soon.

Sorry, not the happy upbeat training post you all want to see but reality right now. I have a tough time backing down (as if you couldn’t figure that out already!). Heck when I was younger I was a competitive dancer and danced that day before a scheduled foot surgery, danced after plenty of cortisone injections to get me through and kept going. My second marathon I finished with not one but two fractures in my foot. And people wonder why I don’t give up! It is ingrained in me and is truly who I am. It may not be the smartest part of me but it has helped me through some other aspects of life. This strength (but not the stupidity part) is something I hope O grows up with. Is anyone else like this? Is it a distance runner trait? 

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How was your week in training?


  1. I totally understand how you feel. My run this morning didn't happen due to new knee pain in my left knee from my cross training last week. I know the smart thing to do is rest and make it better so I can continue training, but I feel so terrible about missing runs! It'll start to pick up again...I promise!!


  2. Good for you Jen on knowing when you need to back down. Recovery is important as well as spending that quality time with your family. I know you will come back stronger than ever!

  3. I think I know how you feel and you're doing the right thing at the right time. Runners? Sometimes you have to wonder about our sanity but then again the same qualities that make us run under less than ideal circumstances (some might call it stubborn) are the same qualities that allow us to accomplish all that we do.

  4. I totally know where you are coming from. Part of why I've never competed in a marathon (and probably won't) is because I know that (like you) I can run and finish it (I've run much further for other runs) - that isn't my goal. I've trained for a couple of marathons and ended up with a stress fracture each time - and that has led me to decide that it is OK if I never compete at that distance.

  5. I'm like you- don't just want to do it want to do it well! Stick to your rehab though... much better in the long run!
    emma @ a mom runs this town

  6. I really hate having to skip my runs, whether it's injury related or just a conflict of schedules. It gives me that feeling like I forgot something really important, like my forgetting my phone. Taking your time to get back into it however, will only let you go farther! So stick to it!


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