Running Through Sprinklers: Drenched 5K Giveaway

Does it seem that themed races are popping up everywhere? You can get painted, chased by Zombies, sprayed by foam, glow in the dark, you name it. While I am more of a fan of a small, cheap race without the hype and craziness I do enjoy these at times. For me it is a fun way to run with friends without that underlying competition and aiming for a PR every step, I think they are a great way for non-runners to join our crazy world without the intimidation and adding an aspect of fun. What do you think would be a fun run theme?

Check out this one, doesn’t it remind you of being a kid and running through sprinklers? Or heck last week when it was hot? Don’t you just love the when the neighbors have sprinklers on to cool down during a run? I would have loved sprinklers at my 5K last night when it was 90+ out and humid! (more on that tomorrow)

Drenched 5K: Run. Water Fight. Summer Party
The Drenched 5K is all about bringing back those memories of summer fun.  Participants will run or walk from dry to drenched through “hot zones” and drenched zones which may include mist tunnels, foam zones, sprinklers, spectator “sniper” zones, bubbles, fire hoses, and a 100 foot slip n slide.
Runners and walkers are encourage to form teams, don crazy costumes, and bring out their biggest water guns for a little camaraderie and competition against other teams.

For those not interested in building up a sweat but who want to get in on the fun, Drenched has a free spectator zone where they get to drench the runners any way possible! We are all about families getting active and so kids 5 and under run FREE and kids 12 and under receive discounted entries!

And at the finish?  We stage the best summer party in town!  The world's biggest water balloon fight, music, drinks and dancing. 

Drenched will be in 10 cities in summer of 2013:  Denver, DFW, LA, DC, Jacksonville, Columbus, Atlanta, Kansas City, Philly and Huntsville, AL. Better yet Drenched 5K benefits local Children's Hospitals and fundraisers for local fire fighters.  Register on a team of 4 or more and save $5 each!

Find your city and sign up for an additional $10 off with the code: DRENCHED2013 at:

We are always looking for good volunteers too!  If you are interested in helping out please send us an email to:

Now is your turn to run: I have 2 entries to giveaway!


  1. I actually won one for Philly- totally forgot about that until I saw this!

  2. Sounds fun! I wish there was one near me!

  3. I think themed races can be fun, as long as it's not too expensive!

  4. Sounds like a fun one to do with kids!

  5. I am not a huge fan of themed races for myself - I generally just want to run. BUT, I think they're fantastic to do as part of a group, and a fun way to introduce someone new to running.

  6. I wish there was one close to me. Sounds like fun :)

  7. On a seriously hot night that would be so nice.
    You know the other one I would like to try is the night glow run.


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