5 Things on Friday: Adapting and coping

What a week, I’ve written many posts in my head but just not what I feel like writing now, so today is just a collection of my thoughts, decisions and struggles from this week. Honestly how did such a short week turn into such a tough, long week?

Yesterday we met friends for vegetable picking at a local farm, unfortunately with our crazy cold spring and now hot spell there isn’t much to pick. The kids had a blast and we have plenty of peppers, tomatoes and eggplants. Plus they gave all the kids a small cantaloupe. I think the best part was all the dirt they were given free run in! Heck O was doing flips in the fields, she had dirt from head to toe!

Thursday is also CSA day but we after pick up we were still lacking one thing for dinner so off to the farmer’s market we when for corn. Once again I went a little nuts: corn, apples and 3 gluten free baking mixes later we finally left. Pretty sure we won’t need produce for at least a few days!

On Wednesday we went to check out O’s new dance school and wow what a difference! Such organization, better studio space and just a friendlier feel. She met her teacher, got to check out her studio and even have a cookie while she colored pictures for the contest. All this got me thinking, why don’t I dance again? Yikes it has been 15 years, can I do this? Is this a stupid idea? Well I ran it past my sports chiro and she thought it would be a great cross training plan. She was a dancer too so she has a great understanding of my concerns and the requirements on a dancer’s body. So I guess I have the green light on that side, plus Matt is for it too. Now to take the plunge!

Have you even done something outside your comfort zone? Gone back to an old favorite that you know is now much different? I just need to remind myself that I will not be the dancer I was back then when I spent 15-25 hours per week between competitions and practice.

This past week I had another appointment for my leg and this time low back as well, things are much better but we decided to keep up the muscle work every 3-4 weeks until I am done racing. She also told me I NEED to take a stretch off running at least 2 times a year (she’d prefer 1 week 3x). I have a tough time with this, as I am sure anyone who reads my blog can easily figure out. Right now I am working on only running 4 days a week and walking to supplement or biking. I also need to get back in the pool soon! I do think my body likes this, duh! Runners, how do you incorporate this into training? What do you do instead of running those times? I never take time off unless it is forced and need to get better, I hate being injured and want to be back to strong running again.

Back to Back
After I write the above I sit here debating a back to back race again this weekend. I am running a half on Saturday with hopes of a better finish than last weekend. I also have two options for Sunday; 1) a 5K that I can run free, but would push myself at or 2) a 25K that is not nearly free, but I’d be “racing” with my team. I use racing lightly since it would be an easy run and good training for Dopey. Hmm, what to do? Or there is always option 3) Sleep in!

Things are rough at our house lately with all the new things ahead and anticipation. Poor O is not one to like change. Next week she starts school and a new dance studio. Over the summer her friend from down the street moved away and the park they played at was torn down for renovation, to a 3 year old this is devastating!

We are also in the middle of doggy injury and meeting with the vet again today to discuss consulting ortho and possible ACL repair. This all means no running or even walks for him. O and I used to take Morgan out daily and she misses her time playing with her big puppy! Poor guy is in pain and I hate seeing this. Please send us good thoughts today that we get answers and some pain relief for him, luckily he has adapted well and manages pretty good on 3 legs except the stairs.

And the final straw for her is me going back to work! Yikes, this freaks me out slightly too. I have not worked full time in 10+ years, I’ve mostly had jobs where I worked 3-4 days a week even if that did mean full time hours. O is anxious, having sleep issues and acting out. Last night she fell asleep on the couch after 2 hours of crying about anything, poor girl. I know she will love her school and my mom is watching her so no strangers on the other 3 days but it is a big change. Any good suggestions for adapting? We have talked about what is ahead, made school and her time with grandma sound really fun but still can tell she isn’t buying it fully.

On that note…Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? Besides the race, we have a local festival and are planning to walk the parade for a friend’s restaurant.


  1. Lots of changes but O will get into the swing of things soon:) Kids are pretty resilient. Prayers for your pup.

  2. We had huge struggles with adapting to change. Nothing worked for us but patience and time. It was very frustrating, but it helped that I was going through adjustment problems as well. I could better help them deal with it, because I was doing the same.

  3. You should totally do the dancing again! I danced ballet for 15 years before I joined the Army (yeah! Big crazy difference) and a few years ago I went back to dancing and it was so awesome. It was better than yoga for me.

    Maria @ Asphalt & Trails

  4. I really like that quote. I have trouble adapting to change, too. It's really hard. I don't think things really get better until you get used to it, but hopefully once she sees that life will still be fun and she will still be loved even though things might be different, everything will be okay. And good luck to YOU going back to work!

  5. My heart goes out to you. I'm not sure people every get much better at adapting to change (we just get better at throwing our tantrums on the inside). I'm almost 30 and I probably adapt way worse than I did when I was 10. Good luck with all the changes, especially going back to work!!

  6. Love the quote. It's perfect for where I am right now with running and being injured. It's so difficult for runners not to run even when we know it's best.

  7. Oh poor O! Change is so hard- we had a lot of acting out when we moved this summer. And with time, it got better. Lots of extra snuggles and hugs (and patience!!) helped too. Hope the racing went well today! And so cool about the dancing!

  8. That is a lot of changes! I hope you all adjust well. I think when my kids were that age and I started working full time the biggest thing was to establish a routine as soon as possible. Kids like knowing what to expect and it sounds like O prefers that as well.

    Hope the puppy gets some good news from the vet. Caring for a sick pet is almost (or possibly the same) as caring for a sick child. It's heartbreaking.

    Good luck with your job!

  9. You have a lot going on right now! I hope that all the transitions go well. Going back to dance sounds like a lot of fun. It would be great cross training!

    Good luck with your dog...I hope he heals quickly.

    It's busy around our house this weekend. Spectated a 5k, a little home improvement shopping and then a couple of home projects.


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