September and transitioning into a new normal

Sorry for those looking for my race recaps I got lazy last night and you'll have to wait. There is a teaser on my Facebook page today, be sure to check it out and come back for the full recaps tomorrow...

August over, seriously? Where did the summer go? Although it ended with a massive heat wave with hot, humid weather in the 90s making for tough runs and lots of indoor activities. This was also time for me to look at my goals for 2013 and realize I am on track for many but some out of my control are just beyond my reach.
True in many aspects of life!

  • Run 225 miles- Yes! 240.2
  • Actually got out on my bike most weeks, no swimming but lots of strength/core focus
  • 5th half (7th half/full of 2013) done! Not my goal but improving from previous 2013 races
  • Duathlon done and I remembered why I love them, but need to bike more!
  • 3rd Ragnar was great, already planning for next year!

  • Office has become a huge disaster as I attempt to organize, but plenty of stuff thrown out and lots of books sold!
  • Surgery is done and I am feeling back to normal after over a year of issues, plus this brought many answers in regards to my health that I can work to improve.

  • Limit processed foods and treats: Could have been better but improving
  • Keep experimenting with new CSA veggies: Some favorites were zucchini nachos and eggplant pizza

  • Figure out pre-school plans and other fall activities Done!
  • Work on quiet time with O her frustration through methods other than yelling or hitting A work in progress but improving
  • Ran and biked with friends, happy hour and lunch with friends and date night with Matt

One of our many park days, what is she doing?

September is here and I am not ready! I love summer and know this means the end is near, but my pumpkin obsession is now acceptable for the next few months! O starts school soon, I go back to work and we transition into a new normal with activities and schedules.

  • Run 230 miles 
  • Get back into morning workouts: 2 weekdays is my goal
  • 6th Half (8th half/full of 13in2013) and want to be back under 1:40
  • 2 10Ks (1 done already with a PR!) sub 44:00 would be great
  • 10 Mile race goal of 1:11
  • Get back in the pool!

  • Continue to organize the house and work on a cleaning routine
  • Decide if I want to take dance classes at O's new dance school, would be fun but need to think about getting in too many commitments.

  • Start tracking again: so far 2 days of tracking showed me I’m close but still need to make changes. Now to figure out why my iPad and iPhone MyFitnessPal apps don’t communicate!
  • Figure out healthy (and easy) lunches and snacks for back to work
  • Get back to weekend meal prep

  • Focus on fun with O the next couple weeks and after work: so far veggies picking, art class and park days planned
  • Continue to have monthly date nights with Matt and plan friend activities

How was August and what are you working on in September? 


  1. Great job Jen! I can't believe how fast August went by! Can't wait to read the race recaps!!!

  2. Wow - great job on all of your August goals!!!
    Looks like you have lots planned for September!!

  3. My goodness your post makes me tired just thinking about what you have done. =) Good luck in September!

  4. Great job on your August goals!!! August here was much fun and now it's time to buckle down!


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