Marathon Weekly: Following a week of stupidity with smart training

Week 12 started nice and cool but yikes the heat returned, it was also filled with way too much running! Yes, I am admitting it, I needed to take days off and I didn’t. What was planned as a walk would easily turn in to a run and I’m sure hurt my half, oh well, I learned the hard way again even though I knew it was stupid as it happened.

Monday: Race: 10K/5K combo 
Tuesday: Strength with trainer and Evening 4.5 mile hill run coaching
Wednesday: 1 hour elliptical and Appointment with sports chiro
Thursday: 7.75 mile speed intervals at 5:30am and core 1 mile walk in afternoon
Friday: 6 mile run/walk to/from store and core
Saturday: Half Marathon (report tomorrow)
Sunday: 5 mile recovery run and 1 mile walk at Nature Center with Matt and O and Strength
View on my Sunday run

Week 13 the heat is back, 100F in the forecast today, ugh! I will be smarter this week! Enough said! And what’s ahead…

Monday: Bike and core
Tuesday: Spin in am, strength with trainer and Evening run coaching
Wednesday: Spin?? and Dance (yes I think I’m doing it!)
Thursday: Run and core
Friday: Spin
Saturday: 20 mile run (Pacing 9 min mile group)

Sunday: Bike and Strength

How was your week? Do you ever make stupid workout choices even though you know better?


  1. Great week anyway girl! Yes I make stupid workout/run choices all the time. I just love to run and when given the opportunity I do it...even when I really need to rest sometimes.

  2. We have 100 degree temps here too and it is no fun.

    I'm so glad you've decided to go back to dance!

  3. Great job! No one is perfect, I have been doing too many fartlecks and as a result hurting my calf.

  4. Excellent workout and like you the heat came back here to Kansas and it was between 99-103 this weekend. Ugh... brutal

    Asphalt & Trails

  5. I definitely do more than I should some weeks, but I'm pretty good about cutting waaay back on race weeks so I can run on fresh legs- I've learned that the hard way!

  6. Rest days are rough. I have had a few too many of those lately. lol. Have a good week!

  7. Awesome week! I've made a handlful of stupid workout choices. But I figure if we don't make a few dumb mistakes we can't grow and learn:)

  8. Yea what is up with this heat??? It's September!
    emma @ a mom runs this town

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