Marathon Weekly

Week 14 yikes, so this is my new reality?! Okay not so much but like I mentioned last week was nuts, Matt was gone and I worked like 50 hours after being home for months. Despite this I worked on fitting in my workouts and focused on healthy eating.

Monday: Morning run 6 miles /core
Tuesday: Morning 45 min elliptical and strength, Evening 5 mile run (hills)
Wednesday: 13 hours at work, lots of walking
Thursday: Run 10K Race (report coming)
Friday: Rest (lots of walking at work) core
Saturday: 7.5 Mile run and strength
Sunday: 13 Miles (Yes, I did a 10 Mile race but “quit” and headed back to run with a friend)
Saturday Morning Run: Beautiful!

Week 15 and I am back at the peak of marathon training! I love this week, yes I am crazy! Bring it on…

Monday: Morning run, 7.5 miles 1:00:02 with a new running friend and afternoon strength with trainer
Tuesday: Spin in morning and Evening run coaching
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Afternoon run (break between work and meeting) speedwork
Friday: Strength
Saturday: 20-22 miles
Sunday: Yoga and strength

How was your week? Are you close to the big race or just beginning?

Finally here it is...


  1. My week was alright. I am getting closer to my big race. Just about 12 days, YIKES! Feeling pretty anxious about it. But I know I can get through anything. Just got to put my mind to it. =)

  2. Wow, such a busy week! Hope things settle down for you. My half is two weeks away, getting excited!

  3. I finally had solid week of training last week. August was stupid busy so I felt like my training took a back seat. My goal race is a mere 4 weeks away so I am hitting my peak miles right now. Bring it on! :)

    1. Love peak mile weeks! Glad things have settled a bit for you.

  4. So close to my first marathon--Mount Desert Island Marathon! Next week is my 20-miler then it's taper time! Training hasn't been stellar, but I've learned a lot in the past few months :)

    1. Learning is a huge piece of marathon training. Good luck with the big weeks ahead.

  5. Wow, crazy busy week! Totally impressed that you squeezed in some good training. I've still got a few weeks until my next big one. Stuck in the middle of big training weeks now.

  6. I'm a long way out, still 17 weeks to my 1st marathon...but 4 other races between now and then :)

  7. I still got my 12 in on Saturday despite the hubs being out of town all weekend. One word: BABYSITTER!

  8. I'm not even close to just beginning LOL

    Crazy busy would be an understatement for your week!

  9. Sick with a cold all last week, still have a little of it left, the big race is close Oct 27th!


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