Winners and a crazy week!

A quick post and run, I apologize for my intense lack of posting and responding lately but this first week at work has been an adjustment and to make it even crazier I got to play the role of single parent all week while Matt was at a conference. Combine full time work (complete with late days) with my run job, a race and myself and our babysitter being sick and you have insanity! And to make things even crazier O left her lovey at school on Friday so bedtime was NOT fun! Deep breath, I survived and the rest of my work life will be super easy, right?!

Now on to the fun part...Winners! Sorry for the delay but here are the winners from the Birthday Bash Giveaway...

Jennifer Boudreau- Sweat Pink 
Kalee Sorey- Active Accessories 
Kristy Wilson- Procompression 
Carrie Austin- Nuun

Lisa Jones- Chike 

You should be getting an email from Jill or I soon.


  1. What a crazy week, Jen! Hope things settle down soon.

  2. Way to survive Jen! Congrats to the winners!

  3. Congrats to all of the winners!!! I was a winner - but haven't received an email do I contact you?

  4. I believe I am a winner! Carie Austin, not sure if there is a "Carrie Austin" or if that was a typo! I hope it's me! :) :) :)


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