Another approach to pain control: Electrotherapy and a Giveaway!

Over the past year (okay 2 years) I've written a lot on my journey through injury and now being smart. I've tried just about every method of injury management/treatment within my reach and when I was contacted to review a nonmedication pain control product I jumped at it!

Way in the past I had a foot injury (think high school past!) from years of dance and through my rehab TENS was one of the treatments but it has been years.

What is TENS?

  • TENS Technology: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology has been used by medical professionals such as physical therapists and chiropractors for more than 30 years

After a long run my calf and hip were tight and sore, as I sat writing part one of my thesis proposal I decided to give it a try. The pads were super easy to place and the unit was frazzled mom, grad student user friendly! In just a couple steps it was ready to go. I picked my intensity level (1-10) and method (settings for specific body parts or types of pressure).

I settled on intensity 4 and leg mode. about every 15-30 seconds the form of therapy changed for shorter bursts to deeper pressure and back. It was odd at first but I soon forgot I had it on. 15 minutes later the machine shut off and the pads easily came off, no sticky residue and the machine packed up easily. As I walked my calf felt less tight and when I later used on my hip I felt better after. It is small and easy to grab and go, I've used it a few times after a run while I waited to meet friends.

I have since used a few times to my hamstring/hip and it definitely decreased the pain level I had. It also helped to loosen the muscle. Matt also used it on his back and felt that it gave him some decrease in pain level too. Have you used a TENS unit? What did you think?

I'm excited to have another tool to add to my pile of running injury tools! Now off to see the chiro for Graston and acupuncture.

Guess what?! Omron is also giving a Pro TENS unit to one of my readers...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was given the product for review and giveaway but all opinions are my own. Please check with medical provider before using a TENS unit.


  1. In college I used stim and it was really helpful, but I haven't had access since then. I currently use stretching, rolling, and icing as needed.

  2. I am lucky I've not yet had a running injury. Knock wood! I have used a tens unit before though and think it would be super helpful for post run recovery.

  3. The question should be which methods have I not tried, LOL. Actually with several specialists and PT, I have done a little bit of it all. I even did a similar treatment to TENS, except the PT charged $150 each time:)

  4. I've only used rest, compression, and foam rolling to treat injuries.

  5. RICE...but it doesn't heal fast enough!

  6. I've gone to a sports PT so he could work on my knees. Worked well but this would be much cheaper!!

  7. I LOVE Tens!!! My chiropractor uses it. I also love ART!

  8. I have been going to PT for ART sessions on different parts of my legs for more than a year now (off & on). I've used ice, compression, heating pads. I have a feeling TENS is just what I need!!

  9. I recently had surgery and am 100% focused on recovery right now (what else can you do when you can't run?!?) Currently, I am focused on ice/CPM/PT and would love to be able to add TENS to my routine!

  10. Foam roll and ice are my go-tos to stay injury free

  11. I never ice (ice is evil for injury treatment!), but I do use dry needling, cupping, ART, etc


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